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Add text bubble to photos instantly! With Fotor’s free online text bubble generator, you can add speech, text, or chat to any image in a few clicks.

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Add Speech Bubbles to Photos Easily

You can easily add speech bubble to photos with Fotor's powerful online speech bubble generator. Just put the picture into the canvas, choose your favorite aesthetic speech bubble style, add text to the bubble and you will get a stunning image of speech bubble.

In a few simple steps, without professional skills, you can get a speech bubble on the picture with Fotor's text bubble maker.

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Multiple Text Bubble Templates You Can Choose From

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning bubble styles is probably the basic round bubble style. Fotor's free online text bubble generator has a variety of bubble-style templates to meet different needs.

Such as comic bubble, quote bubble, dialogue bubble, spiky bubble, etc. A variety of text bubble templates will surely solve all your bubble problems, and the bubble templates are constantly updating!

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Add Text Bubbles to Photos With More Customizations

In Fotor’s text bubble creator, it’s available to change the fonts, size, color, spacing, and much more settings of the bubble and text to suit your taste.

Besides, adding stickers to photos or effects for your bubble image is also convenient in Fotor. Explore more photo editing tools in Fotor to perfect your text bubble image now!

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Convert woman image into cartoon with text bubble

Create Various Text Bubbles for Every Situation

Adding bubbles to photos has various types of usage. With Fotor's word bubble generator, you can add ideas and feelings to the bubble and make it a thought bubble image, chat bubble image, dialogue bubble image, etc.

Fotor also provided a text bubble meme generator, by adding funny words with suitable bubbles to photos to make them into memes. In short, Fotor's text bubble generator is ideal for all kinds of text bubble needs, try it now!

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Display More of Image Using Powerful Text Bubble Generator

Put bubble on picture to showcase more detail or extra information about the image. Adding bubble text to photos can make them more vivid and interesting.

Although the text bubble generator is not suitable for all photos, Fotor's text bubble creator is able to make amazing designs once you apply it to the suitable material!

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How to Add Text Bubble to Photo?

  • Click “Add Text Bubble Now” button to open the text bubble generator editing page.
  • Upload your image by clicking “open image” or dragging it to the canvas.
  • Find "elements" on the left toolbar, and search the keyword "bubble" in the search box to search for the bubble elements you need.
  • Then browse and choose one you like to the canvas.
  • Put the text bubble to the suitable place and click “text” button on the left tool bar to add text to your bubble.
  • Adjust the basic settings of the bubble and text like fonts, color, shadow, transparency, etc.
  • After finishing your editing, click download to save your text bubble image to the computer in JPG or PNG format.
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