Get into the Christmas Spirit!




Christmas is literally right around the corner.. how exciting! We hope you all are feeling the Christmas Spirit but if you aren’t, fear not. Fotor is here to help!

Bake Some Christmas Goodies




Nothing says Christmas like some good ole’ sugar cookies cut into tree or star shapes! Or, kick it up a notch and press some chocolate into the middle of your cookies!

Give a Gift




Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit like giving. Think of someone that you see a lot that would never expect a gift from you. Maybe a mailman, the garbage man, or the guy that mows your lawn! Surprise them with a gift and their joy will surely put you in a great mood.

Buy an Ugly X-Mas Sweater




Nothing screams Christmas like an over-bearing Christmas Sweater. They literally ooze Christmas Spirit.

Lighten Up




If you don’t have the time or money to decorate.. that is understandable. But at least put up some Christmas lights! Christmas lights create the perfect holiday ambiance and will put you in a jolly mood.

Dress Up.. Your Pet!




Your fur babies are adorable.. but they would look even more adorable with some antler ears or a Rudolph nose! Don’t have time to go buy some? Head over to and decorate a picture you already have, like we did above!

Crank Up Some Music




Christmas music is the best! It’s upbeat, catchy, and fun to dance to. Make sure to turn it up loud enough to hear throughout the whole house!

Do a Secret Santa or White Elephant




This is a good reason to invite your friends over or go see them. Organize a Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange. You will definitely have tons of laughs and get in the spirit!

We hope these ideas will really get you into the Christmas Spirit!

Happy Holidays!

– The Fotor Team


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