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Sometimes, creating that truly special image requires special attention the different elements which comprise it. A simple portrait can be transformed with the correct use of depth of field, and landscape can be dramatically altered with the use of contrasting colours and filters. In this blog article, we will discuss a few important factors in making some truly awesome images – we will even throw in an example or two for inspiration!


The arrangements of the various elements of your image are probably the most important. Composition incorporates shape and form, as well as colour and effect to produce a special result. You can cut and modify parts of an image to further enhance this, and to create a surreal, unusual feeling. Look at the colour contrast in the image below, how has the image been composed?

white and brown concrete staircase

Lines and Form

Perspective is always important in making a great image. Most of our ability to gauge perspective comes from various lines and how they interact with each other in a photo. For example, an horizon within an image adds a feeling of freedom, particularly if it is a straight line of an ocean horizon. The image below shows us how lines and form can create not only a special feeling of depth within a picture, but also set a scene and feeling.

spiral stairs

Natural Frames

Just like composition and ‘lines and form’, framing an image can alter the perspective entirely. We all like to use frames to make an image special, such as framed photo and works of art, but natural frames can also be used for an entirely different effect. Imagine if the image below didn’t use natural frames as a highlight… would it be the same?

closeup photo of arch cave

Point of View

When capturing a particular feeling or emotion within a photo, point of view is very important. Often, motion is a key factor, and the way that motion is captured can completely alter our perception of it. Jumping, moving or holding a pose during the filming process can create some amazing effects.

silhouette of people playing basketball during sunset


We mentioned in our previous blog that ‘Point of View’ is key in taking amazing shots. Particularly for more artistic photos, the angle and view of a camera are paramount. Similarly, perspective is particularly important for creating surreal or illusionary images. With the correct use of perspective, elements like time and space can be manipulated to bring out an amazing image.

low-angle photography of yellow petaled flowers

Monochrome and Highlighting

That classic B&W finish will always be popular. By making an otherwise colourful image into grayscale, you can highlight different parts, places and details of the image. And we call this feature “Color Splash“. However, sometimes we need to ‘up the ante’ when it come to highlighting, which is why using selective ‘greyscaling’ can bring out some particularly amazing results. Indeed, such techniques are used in various blockbuster movies for the same reason. By allowing one part of an image to retain its colour, all attention is drawn exactly to where you want it.

Black and white monochrome photography with the photo subjetc highlighted with colors


We all love high definition and high quality images, but sometimes the effect we want is the exact opposite. Distortion as a photo editing effect is the deliberate manipulation of an image to make it less clear, allowing for some amazing effects and styles. The use of ‘bokeh’ to sharpen parts of an image is already well understood by most photographers, however, taking a picture on a broken, reflective surface or mirror can have some amazing effects!

man face in close up

Abstract Photography

Picasso was a master of the abstract image, now you can be as well through some simple experimentation and creative flair! Abstract images are designed not only to startle and amaze, but also to use unconventional forms and shape to depict something real and present. While these concepts may seem to conflict, in abstract photography they are necessary. The image below is a particularly good example, depicting a ‘Blade Runner-esque’ cityscape using simple photo editing.

Close up shot of colorful paper party ribbon

In practicing the effects, styles and techniques detailed above, you are now well on your way not only to becoming truly pro in the way you take pictures, but also to unlocking the full extent of your own creativity. We at Fotor are here to help you every step of the way!