What to Write in a Baby Card: 120 Baby Card Messages

Summary: In this blog, we've gathered 120 best wishes for new baby. Welcome the arrival of new born babies with these heartfelt messages and an elaborately crafted baby card.

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Welcoming the arrival of a new life is always accompanied by endless joy and hope. In such a warm and sacred moment, a warm blessing can not only bring great encouragement to new parents, but also become a beautiful memory in the growth journey of this little life. The following are 120 carefully selected newborn blessings, may they add a special color to your blessing.

What to Write in a Baby Card?

Expressing your feelings with just the right words and conveying your thoughts seamlessly can be a daunting task indeed. To inspire your writing, we've outlined four key components that make up a fantastic greeting card:

1. Address the recipients:

For a congratulations card, first consider whether you're congratulating both parents or just one. If you have closer relationship with the mom or dad, "To my dear friend (name)" works better. And a heartfelt massage "To the world's most adorable parents" can bring smile to both the parents' faces.

2. Express Your Heartfelt Congratulations

Don't forget the intention why you send this wish, that's to welcome the baby's arrival and express your congratulations to their parents. Thus in the first part, writing down a congratulatory note to showcase your joy.

3. Words to Encourage and Support the Parents

For new parents embarking on this journey for the first time, they may feel unsure and inexperienced. Thus it's particularly significant to craft a message that affirms your confidence in their ability to nurture a healthy and happy child.

4. Sign Off With Your Name

Finally, remember to sign off with your name or nickname so they'll know where the greeting card is from. It could be either from you, your family member, someone of your friends, or coworkers.

For Baby Girl:

Every child is a precious gift from God to you. It's meaningful to write a light-hearted message to show your excitement and joy for their coming. Here we prepare some baby girl card messages to welcome the little princess in your family.

1. Sugar and spice, your little girl is twice as nice. Congrats on the sweet arrival!

2. Hello, princess! May your world be as magical as you. Heartfelt congrats!

3. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, here's to a lifetime of joy — near and far!

4. She's here! A bundle of pink, a heart full of love — parenting's best drink.

5. Welcome to the world, little one. Your smile already lights up the sun!

6. Sweet dreams and big adventures await your baby girl. Enjoy every moment!

7. With her arrival, comes endless love — your baby girl is a gift from above.

8. A precious gem, your baby girl, shining bright, making hearts twirl!

9. Darling daughter, born to sparkle, congratulations on this bundle so precious and small.

10. Bows and tutus, giggles too — your baby girl has stolen our hearts, congrats to you two!

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For Baby Boy

Just as every baby girl brings a touch of sweetness to the world, a baby boy arrives with a promise of adventure and boundless energy. Crafting messages that celebrate his arrival and the joy he'll bring to the family is essential. Here are some heartfelt wishes tailored for welcoming a little prince into the world:

1. Tiny hands, endless joy — congrats on your bouncing baby boy!

2. Hello, little man! May your life be filled with curiosity and laughter.

3. A son to cherish, a love that grows — welcome to parenthood's greatest shows!

4. Adventures await your little guy — here's to a lifetime of unforgettable moments by your side.

5. Heaven sent, pure delight — your baby boy is a true wonder to behold, congratulations!

6. Rough and tumble, snuggles galore — enjoy every second with your adorable newborn boy.

7. A prince has joined your family tree — congratulations on your precious baby boy!

8. From superheroes to bedtime stories, your baby boy's journey begins — cherish every page.

9. With a twinkle in his eye, he's stolen your hearts — congrats on your bundles of blue!

10. Welcome to the world, little buddy! Your laughter is the sweetest music.

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Simple and Short New Baby Wishes

Certainly, keeping it short and sweet can convey your heartfelt sentiments just as effectively. Here are some concise yet meaningful baby wishes perfect for when you want to express your joy without fuss:

1. Welcome, little one. You're already loved beyond words.

2. A tiny miracle, a lifetime of love. Congratulations!

3. Star bright, heart full, here's to your beautiful bundle.

4. Hello, world! Congratulations on your newest adventurer.

5. Blessings on this new journey with your tiny treasure.

6. Love just grew by two tiny feet. Enjoy every step!

7. Life's sweetest moments begin with a cuddle like this. Well done

8. A new chapter, a new joy. Your story gets even better.

9. Overwhelmed with happiness for you three (or four)!

10. Pure bliss in a tiny bundle. Welcome to parenthood!

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Funny Baby Card Message

If your friends have a good sense of humor, why not add funny words into the baby card to suit their taste? Select from the below list of funny new baby wishes and get inspired and customize your own version to light up the smiles on their faces.

1. Sleep is overrated anyway. Enjoy the 24/7 snuggle feast! Congrats, new parents.

2. Babies: tiny hands, big messes, full hearts. Welcome to the fun house!

3. Parenthood: where 'me time' becomes 'wee time' (and we're not talking about the baby). Congrats!

4. Congratulations! You made a mini-you. May the force of parental caffeine be with you.

5. The tiny human has arrived! Time to upgrade to a bigger coffee mug. Cheers!

6. Babies: turning happy couples into exhausted zombies since the beginning of time. Enjoy the ride!

7. Welcome to the world, little one! Your parents' to-do list now includes 'learn to function without sleep.

8. They say babies are bundles of joy. They forgot to mention they're also bundles of laundry. Congrats!

9. Life just got a whole lot louder, messier, and unimaginably sweeter. Parenting: you're doing it right!

10. Congratulations on your new sidekick! Together, you'll fight crime... or at least dirty diapers.

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New Baby Quotes

Incorporating timeless quotes into your baby card adds a touch of elegance and wisdom to your well-wishes. These carefully selected quotes celebrate the beauty of new life and the journey of parenthood.

1. "A child is a beam of sunlight from the infinite and eternal, with possibilities of virtue and vice, but as yet unstained." — Lyman Abbott

2. "Babies are bits of stardust blown from the hand of God." — Barretto

3. "A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." — Carl Sandburg

4. "Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life." — Sophocles

5. "There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies." — Winston Churchill

6. "Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful." — Charles Osgood

7. "A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for." — Anonymous

8. "A newborn baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities." — Eda J. Le Shan

9. "Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child." — Tina Brown

10. "A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it." — Frank A. Clark

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For First Baby

1. Welcome, little one! So happy for your first born. Lots of love!

2. Your first baby is here - congrats! Enjoy the special moments.

3. First baby, big joy! Can't wait to see you grow. Congrats!

4. Tiny hands, tiny feet, big love! Thrilled for your firstborn.

5. Cheers to your new family of three! First baby, best feeling.

6. New baby, new adventures! Your first is a true gift.

7. Your first baby arrived! Such a happy time. Love to you all.

8. First baby, endless love. Congratulations on this special journey.

9. Life gets sweeter with a first baby. Enjoy every second!

10. Welcome to the world, little one! First baby, full of wonder.

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For Second Baby

1. Double the love, double the fun! Congrats on your second little one.

2. Another sweet pea to love! Enjoy every moment with baby number two.

3. Your family just got bigger with baby #2. Twice the blessings, twice the joy!

4. Welcome to the world, second little star! More love added to your family.

5. Second time parents, still experts at love. Congrats on your new arrival!

6. Baby number two, a perfect addition. Your hearts are fuller now!

7. Two bundles of joy to call your own. Congratulations on your growing family!

8. Life gets merrier with a second baby. Here's to more laughter and love!

9. Another chapter of love opens with baby #2. Enjoy the ride!

10. Your family grows more wonderful with each baby. Blessings on your second!

Baby Birthday Card

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For Twins

1. Double trouble, double delight! Congrats on your twin blessings.

2. Twice the love, twice the fun - welcome to the twin life!

3. Two miracles at once! Your family is doubly blessed. Congrats!

4. Two peas in a pod, double the cuteness. Enjoy your twin adventure!

5. Twins arrived! Your home just got a whole lot happier and busier.

6. Welcome to the world, little duo! Twice the snuggles, twice the love.

7. Two tiny wonders, one big joy! Congrats on your adorable twins.

8. Double the giggles, double the grins - congratulations on your twins!

9. Life's about to get doubly amazing. Cheers to your twin bundle of joys!

10. Twins means double the everything - including happiness! Enjoy every bit.

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For Adoption

1. Welcome home, little one! Your family's love has been waiting just for you.

2. Heartfelt congratulations on your adoption journey. Your family is now complete with this tiny blessing.

3. Chosen with love, born to be yours. Celebrating your adoption miracle.

4. A new chapter, a perfect match. Blessings on your adoption adventure.

5. Love knows no bounds, especially in adoption. Enjoy every cuddle with your precious gift.

6. Families are made with love, not just blood. Cheers to your beautiful adoption story.

7. A dream come true, wrapped in a bundle of joy. Your adoption story inspires us all.

8. In your arms, right where they belong. Congratulations on your adoption!

9. Love that adopts, love that transforms. Your family shines brighter with this new addition.

10. Welcome to the world, little star. Your adoptive family's love will guide you always.

Little Baby Birthday Card

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For Friends Baby

1. Dear [Friend's Name], seeing you as a parent is like watching a dream come true. Your little one has already inherited your beautiful heart. Congratulations on this new chapter!

2. To my dearest friend and now a fantastic parent, may your baby’s laughter fill your home. Enjoy every enchanting moment together.

3. A new star has risen in your world. Here's to a lifetime of love and adventures for your growing family.

4. As your friend, I’ve seen you shine in so many roles. But this, being a parent, suits you best. Your baby is blessed to have you. Congratulations on becoming a mum/dad!

5. Your baby has arrived, and with them, a world of possibilities. I can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll teach and the memories you’ll create together. Welcome to parenthood, my dear friend!

6. Dear [Friend], your journey into parenthood is just beginning, but I already know you'll ace it. Here's to raising a little one who will grow up surrounded by love and laughter.

7. To my cherished friend and the newest addition to your family, may each day bring new wonders and a deeper understanding of the boundless love that now defines your life.

8. As you embark on this incredible journey, remember that the best parts of life are often the unplanned, messy, and full of love moments. Embrace them all with your little one. Congratulations!

9. I’m thrilled to share in this joy with you, my friend. Welcome to the parenting club!

10. Friendship is about sharing life's biggest joys, and this is one of the grandest. Blessings on your new family.

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For New Baby in Your Family

1. As our family tree grows with the newest branch, we welcome this little one with open hearts and boundless love.

2. To our ever-expanding family circle, the arrival of this precious soul fills us all with immense joy and anticipation.

3. Our hearts overflow with pride and happiness. Welcome, little one!

4. To my [Sibling/Cousin], watching you become a parent is like seeing a dream blossoming into reality. Our family hugs you tighter today.

5. With the pitter-patter of tiny feet, our home becomes warmer and brighter. Congratulations and blessings abound!

6. May this baby bring laughter louder than before, smiles wider than imaginable, and a bond stronger than ever. Our family story just got a whole lot sweeter.

7. Dear [Relative's Name], know that you are surrounded by a loving family who stands ready to support and cherish every moment alongside you.

8. Our family's legacy continues with the arrival of this precious gift. We're thrilled to have him/her in our midst.

9. This little one has already woven their way into the intricate fabric of our family, adding a unique hue and texture to our collective story. We're honored to share in the joy of their arrival.

10. To our newest family member, may your life be filled with wonder, surrounded by a family that will always have your back.

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How to Congratulate a Coworker on a New Baby

1. Warmest congratulations on the newest addition to your family. May this new chapter bring immense joy and a perfect blend of work-life harmony.

2. We're thrilled for you and can't wait to celebrate this precious arrival together.

3. Congratulations! You've mastered every challenge at work, and we know parenthood will be no exception.

4. As you embark on this new journey, remember that we're here to support you, ensuring both your work and family thrive. Heartfelt congratulations!

5. Enjoy this magical time, and we look forward to meeting the little one who inherits your brilliance.

6. Congratulations on your new promotion to the role of Mom/Dad. We're excited to see you shine in this new capacity!

7. Wishing you and your growing family boundless love and happiness. We're thrilled for you.

8. Heartfelt congratulations and looking forward to seeing the little one soon.

9. May this new role bring you challenges that are infinitely rewarding.

10. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. May your child inherit your spirit of excellence.

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How to Make a Baby Card

Fotor's card maker interface

Make a personalized card online in minutes with Fotor's card maker.

Choose from over 10,000+ card templates, you can craft a unique card design with ease.

Make a Baby Card

One phrase might not fully demonstrate your excitement and feelings, so consider creating a personalized baby card where you can pour out all your heartfelt sentiments, and adorn it with charming embellishments. To help you get the work done, Fotor's online card maker is a must tool you cannot miss.

It has a huge library of baby card templates and resources. You can select from a wide range of stylish fonts, adorable stickers, funky frames, etc to increase the visual appeal of your baby card. It's where you can make all your creative ideas and design whimsy come in handy.

Now let's see how to make a baby card on Fotor:

1. Visit the Fotor website and click on the "Graphic Designer" to enter our design interface.

2. Type the keyword "New Baby" in the search bar. And you can see a lot of preset baby card templates.

3. Scroll through to find your favorite one and customize it with your own photo, baby card messages, and other elements including fonts, color, stickers, frames, etc.

4. Once it's done, download the baby card in high-quality JPG or PNG format for online sharing, or save it as high-resolution PDF for printing.

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Closing It Up

When you're excited about a new baby coming, it's hard to say everything you feel in just a few words. Making a special baby card filled with loving messages and cute decorations is a much better way to share your happiness and good wishes.

You don't have to struggle thinking of what to write in a baby card – we've got 120 ideas for baby card messages that'll help you find the perfect words to express your feelings. Just take a look and pick the one that suits you best! No more searching needed – it's all right here for you to explore!