10 Inspiring Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Making a family photograph Christmas card has been a tradition in many families for a long time. Between Grandpa taking a nap and the kids fighting over the last candy cane, we all know how difficult it is to get the perfect family photograph. But once the family is finally together it is time to start thinking of photograph ideas, so we put together this list to make things easier for you.

1. Get tangled up in the lights and other decorations of Christmas for a fun shot that also shows that Christmas with the kids isn’t all fun and games!

Lovely couple

2. Show the warmth of your home by dressing in Christmas pajamas and shooting a casual shot around the house.

You'll be my reindeer

3. Capture a sweet moment of childhood innocence for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

Who stole the Christmas lights?

4. Black and white photographs have a timeless appeal that can be cherished forever. Turning photos from color to black and whites is easy in our edit feature.


5. Dress up your furry friends to show that everyone in the family has Christmas spirit.

Santa Clause and his little helper

6. Add a chilling touch by incorporating snow into your family photo.

Kids having fun pulled on sleds in winter forest.

7. Take a family photo with your little ones as the focal point while you cherish the moment in the background.

Toddler opening presents with family on Christmas day

8. Put your little baby front and center for their first ever Christmas card appearance.

Christmas baby

9. Capture the moment where your little helper picks out the family Christmas tree.

two little kid boys buying christmas tree in outdoor shop

10. Family photos don’t always need to be staged, natural candid photographs work great and who knows maybe the bloopers end up being the best shots of all.

Christmas decoration with my grandparents

One of our newest features is GoArt, which turns your photographs into artwork; which can be found here.

Fotor is here to help during the holidays; under our “Design” module, one of our most popular layouts is cards. You can use the card maker to create the holiday cards for your special someone.

card screenshot

This year we have released lots of new card layouts for you to put your Christmas photos in and send to your family. Fotor wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.





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I just loved your mentioned Christmas photography ideas very much. Thanks.


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