16 Instagram Reels Ideas for Beginners, Influencers, and Businesses

Summary: Discover the following content ideas for Instagram Reels to engage with your audience and grow your presence on Instagram.

16 instagram reels ideas

Within the Instagram platform, Reels is a feature that enables users to create and enjoy watching short and entertaining videos for up to 90 seconds. With unique Instagram Reels ideas, users can create a series of engaging video clips, apply effects, add music, and overlay text to make visually appealing and captivating content.

This post shares easy and funny IG Reels ideas for different groups like beginners, influencers, and businesses. Whether you want to promote your brand, share travel destinations, showcase your artistic creations, or impart industry-related expertise, after reading this post, you will be inspired to create more popular reels.

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16 Evergreen and Creative Instagram Reels Ideas

If you're new to creating Instagram Reels or unsure about what kind of reels get the most viewed, refer to the following ideas and tips to learn how to make catchy reels that suit your specific situation.

Instagram Reels Ideas for Beginners

1. Behind-the-Scenes

behind the scenes instagram reels ideas

This is always one of the most popular IG reel ideas. It provides the audience a glimpse into the unknown stories, such as the inner workings of your creative process, the details that incorporate into your products, something memorable about a passed person, etc.

2. Quick Tips

instagram quick tips

Quick tips can encompass valuable information in a short video, such as tips for furniture cleaning, healthy eating, effective learning, travel planning, graphic designing, and more. The tip subjects are depending on the needs and interests of the audience.

3. Funny Reaction Snippets

funny reaction snippets

Making funny reaction videos is an effective way to enhance storytelling and ensure your content resonates with the audience. All you have to do is to make sure the reaction snippets are light-hearted, friendly, and non-offensive.

4. Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

outfit of today reels ideas for instagram

Showcasing your daily outfits can quickly attract a like-minded community with similar aesthetics. You can also share your styling tips and consistently deliver valuable content to engage more users, garnering likes, comments, and followers.

5. Expertise Skills

training expertise ig reels

Quickly put your skills to use! Whether it's painting, exercising, singing, or dancing, you can attract many like-minded viewers. Everyone can also share their advice and experiences in the comments section of your reels.

Instagram Reels Ideas for Influencers

6. Trendy Challenges

trending challenges

This requires you to quickly respond to the latest trends and challenges and stay updated on the current hot topics on Instagram. In general, this type of reels can generate traffic beyond the usual level.

7. Day in the Life

day in the life

While an ordinary person may not have many people paying attention to their daily life, there is curiosity about what influencers or internet celebrities do each day, what work they handle, and where they go. Sharing these aspects of your life not only expresses your attitude towards life but also enhances the loyalty of your followers.

8. Q&A Sessions

q and a sessions

Many users are curious about the lives of internet celebrities, especially when it comes to topics like relationships and social interactions. When creating reels, you can also pay attention to collecting audience inquiries and then select suitable topics to answer.

9. Get Ready with Me

get ready with me ig reels

This type of video is highly popular among the female audience. You can engage with your fans by discussing popular topics, sharing your plans, and talking about your favorite products, all while doing your makeup or selecting outfits. This creates a feeling of chatting with a real-life friend for your followers.

10. Travel-Inspiration Videos

travel videos

Everyone enjoys watching travel videos, and internet celebrities have a significant influence on driving the growth of tourism. You can share your travel plans with your fans, take them on virtual tours of different places, and share your travel essentials.

Instagram Reels Ideas for Businesses

11. Product Showcasing

product showcasing

This is one of the most efficient Instagram Reels ideas to increase product exposure and build your brand. You can create a product demo video, collaborate with influencers, or share tips on how to use the product, continuously increasing its visibility.

12. Brand Storytelling

brand storytelling

In this digital age, people not only pay attention to the functionality of a product but also take notice of the brand story behind it. Sharing your brand's tone and story can infuse your product with a touch of warmth.

13. Product Comparisons

product comparison reels

A good product should be able to withstand comparative evaluations. By putting similar products together for testing and comparison, you can attract more interested users and help them choose the product that best suits their specific needs.

14. Before & After

product before and after reels

Home renovation companies can share before and after comparisons of their projects, cleaning companies can showcase cleaning transformations, and design companies can display design comparisons. In general, videos with strong before & after contrasts enhance visual impact and attract more user attention.

15. Answer FAQs

faqs ig reels ideas

As an official platform, being able to provide timely answers to user inquiries is an important indicator of brand authority and reliability. Responding promptly and accurately to audience questions can make them feel more at ease and more willing to support your product.

16. Tutorial/Educational Content

tutorial content istagram reels ideas

Providing video tutorial guides to your audience can help them understand your product more quickly. You can create tutorial reels that are tailored to different user scenarios, offering targeted explanations and demonstrations.

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Make Your IG Reels

Tips for Making a Captivating IG Reel

  • Funny Instagram Reels ideas tend to be more popular with the audience.
  • Use of hook ideas for Instagram Reels to attract your audience's attention with a catchy opening line, such as "I've got a secret!" or "Watch till the end!"
  • Strive to deliver valuable content to your viewers.
  • Utilize reliable editing software to add subtitles, transitions, and sound effects to enhance the visual and auditory impact of your reel.
  • Ensure that the length, format, aspect ratio, and content of your reels comply with platform guidelines.
  • When publishing a reel, choose popular songs, apply cool effects, and add relevant hashtags.
  • Share your reels to the Feed and display them on your portrait grid to increase visibility and engagement.
  • Enable users to save and share your reels.
  • Keep the content of your reels consistent.

Why Are Instagram Reels Important?

Instagram Reels can be shared on Story, Feed, and Explore of Instagram, expanding your content’s reach to the huge IG community. Especially for the Explore section, which highlights popular and trending reels and increases the visibility of dedicated videos.

Therefore, a large surge of content creators and businesses spare no efforts to craft and share engaging, unique, and compelling reels in Explore, trying to gain more exposure and attract new followers, thus making users connect with their community and inspire anyone to join in.


Instagram Reels can be shared with anyone on Instagram. Using trending and creative Instagram Reels ideas can effectively captivate more viewers, engage your audience, and expand the reach of your content to a broader community.

The aforementioned types of reels on Instagram are suitable for a wide range of creators. Choose one that aligns with your preferences and produce a funny, unique, and engaging reel in no time!