22 Spring Photography Ideas & Bonus Tips for Your Next Shot

Summary: This blog covers a comprehensive guide on spring photography. You'll learn 22 spring photoshoot ideas and 8 bonus tips to take visually appealing spring photos.

spring photography for yellow flowers

The cold winter has gone, and here comes the Spring. Animals end hibernation and come out for hunting and mating. Tulips, cheery blossoms, and daffodils are in full blossom. Branches and foliages put forth fresh new sprouts. People lying on lawn and basking under sunlight can be seen here and there.

Spring represents the rejuvenation of creatures and birth of new lives. It's time to go out and take shots.

In addition to flowers and trees, you can shoot a lot more. Here we list a complete guide on spring photography involving 22 photoshoot ideas and 8 bonus tips to elevate your photography skills. Look no further, capture the precious moments sharing with Spring season.

22 Spring Photography Ideas to Take Spring Aesthetic Pictures

1. Spring Flower Close-ups

Use macro lenses to take the pictures of blooming flowers, displaying their textures, colors, and the crystal clarity of dew drops, revealing the unique details of Spring creatures.

spring flower close up

2. Panoramic Views of Flower Fields

When flower fields are in full bloom, utilize wide shot lenses to photograph the panoramic view of the flower sea, showcasing nature's wonder with colorful blossoms and the vastness of the scenery.

purple flower field

3. Spring Rain

Use lenses to record the moist streets, dripping new leaves, and fresh air after rain. Demonstrate the power of rejuvenation that spring rain brings to the world.

spring rain dripped on grass

4. Fresh Green Sprouts on Branches

Put your focus on the new sproouts on tree branches. Make use of contrast and composition techniques to portray the strength and hope of a life breaking through its shell.

fresh green sprouts on branches

5. Spring Sunrise and Sunset

Get up on early morning to capture the pink and golden hues of Spring sunrises. Or go out for a slow walk at nightfall to photograph the golden twilight of Spring sunsets.

green grass field during sunset

6. Lush Spring City Parks

Photograph scenes of people gathering and playing in city parks with backdrops of flowers and green lawns, delivering a sence of harmonious coexistence between human and nature.

spring city park

7. Portrait Photography Under Cheery Blossom Trees

Make use of the blooming cheery blossom trees as a background for aesthetic portrait photography. Create a romantic and poetic atmosphere this way.

woman portrait under cheery blossom tree

8. Bird Nesting and Breeding in Spring

Observe and photograph birds as they building nests and feeding the young during the Spring season. Reveal the principles of life's reproduction in nature.

bird is nesting

9. Waterfront Spring Scenery

Select lakeshores, riversides, and creeks to photograph clear water surfaces reflecting green leaves and wildflowers. Showcase a vibrant and captiviating spring scenery by lake, river, etc.

spring scenery by lake

10. Spring Plowing in the Fields

Use long camera lenses to frame farmers diligently plowing in the fields. Convey that Spring is a hopeful and joyous season for sowing seeds and harvest.

spring plowing in fields

11. Misty Spring Mornings

Take photos in the countryside under the morning mist, thus creating an effect of ethereal, dream-like Spring wonderland.

misty morning of forest

12. Spring Insects

Walk into the microscopic world, capturing the vivid moments of insects awakening from hibernation and the diversity of biology in nature.

butterfly perching on flower

13. Children Flying Kites

Take photos of children flying kites against the backdrops of blue skies and green fields, convey the pleasure and freedom coming with the arrival of Spring.

children flying kites in the field

14. Spring Picnics in the Countryside

Capture the happy moments shared by friends and family enjoying a picnic on the grass. Convey the information that Spring cuts off the blocks among people and brings us warmth and intimacy.

spring picnics on lawn

15. Rainbow Over Spring Landscape

Capture rainbows following a rain shower. The colorful bridge of rainbow levels up the aesthetics of the original landscape. Take advantage of nature magic to add an artistic flair to your photo.

rainbow over spring flowers

16. Historical Architecture in Spring

Combine mid-century architecture with the lush Spring surroundings. Use lighting and composition skills to interpret the combination of history and modernity in Spring season.

historical architecture in spring

17. Abstract Textures of Foliages

Use close-up lenses to photograph the clear textures, patterns, and sharpening details of Spring foliages. Create visually artistic images.

green leaf close up

18. Spring Scenes in Urban Alleys

Hang out the city valleys to seek for subtle signs of Spring's arrival. Such as fresh new leaves, flower bouquets, chidren's smiling faces and couple's romantic kisses and hugs. Showcase what the urban valleys look like in Spring.

spring urban alley

19. Spring Forest Basking in the Sunlight

Embark on adventure into forests to capture the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, displaying the vitality of the forest's depths and the warmth of Spring sunshine.

spring forest basking in sunlight

20. Spring Flowers Under Starry Night

Looking to photograph the Spring scenery more than just during the daytime? Try night photography. Use the starry sky as the backdrop to shoot flower clusters illuminated by starlight, composing a one-of-the-kind Spring night scene.

flower under starry sky

21. Anticipate in Spring Activities

Take the photographs of Spring activites such as Easter egg hunts, community gardening events, or school outdoor sports and games. Capture the energy and enthusiasm of participants enjoying these seasonal traditions, revealing how Spring gathers people to celebrate life and growth.

spring gardening

22. Enjoy Harvest of Food

Spring is also a time of renewal in the agricultural world. Head to local farmers' markets or orchards to photograph the first harvests of the season, like fresh strawberries, asparagus, or other green vegetables. Capture the vivid colors, textures, and the smiling faces of those who cultivate and enjoy these seasonal treats.

spring food

Edit Spring Photos Online to Make it Aesthetic and Appealing

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Add aesthetic filters and stickers to make your Spring pictures more visually captiviating and stand out.

Edit Spring Pictures

When you back home, you are disappointed to find that the photos you just took do not meet your expectations. Perhaps the composition is imperfect, the lighting is too dim, or the color saturation is not vivid enough, etc. Cheer up,you can use Fotor photo editor to solve all the problems. Here we list some commonly used features for editing Spring photos:

• Crop and Resize

You can crop the image to refine its composition by trimming away unnecessary elements. Or resize an image to fit specific dimensions for social media platforms. Adjust the aspect ratio and perspective to ensure that your Spring photographs highlight the main subject effectively.

crop the white petaled flowers image to 1 by 1 ratio on fotor

• Adjust the Brightenss and Saturation

You can use the basic editing feature to manually adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness of the image simply by moving the sliders. Or you can use photo enhancer to optimize the lighting of your image with one tap. Just upload your image, and AI will automatically detect the poor light and perfect it, giving you an image with true color and optimal lighting.

adjust the brightness saturation contrast of a butterfly on flower image with fotor

• Apply Spring Filters & Effects

A quick solution to level up your photos is to add filters and effects. Fotor offers specialized Spring filters along with landscape, artistic, and cinematic filters to upgrade your photos efforelessly. Use the Spring Lit filter to light up the green color within your image or use the Renewed filter to convey a sense of rejuvenation that Spring brings to flowers and foliages.

apply renewed filter to a spring white flower image on fotor

• Add Spring-Themed Stickers

You can also add stickers to make your photos more vivid and beautiful. Add a group of flower stickers on the grass within the image, or add bee and bird stickers to the flower and tree images to showcase the interaction of plants and animals in nature.

add butterfly and flower stickers to spring flower image on fotor

8 Bonus Tips to Elevate Your Spring Photography Skills

1. Adjust the White Balance

Spring's ever-changing light conditions can impact the colors in your photos. Adjust the white balance on your camera to match the ambient light. Whether it's the warm glow of sunrise, the cool tones of a rainy day, or the natural sunlight filtering through the foliage, ensure that the colors in your images are true to life.

white balance

2. Pay Attention to Composition

In Spring photography, a great composition is key to create visually compelling images. Utilize the rule of thirds to place the focal point in the center. Experiment with leading lines, like flower rows, tree branches, or winding paths, to draw viewers' eyes into the photograph. Additionally, consider framing elements such as archways covered in foliages or flowers, which can add depth and context to your shots.

person sitting on bench on green grass field under white clouds

3. Capture Motion and Movement

Spring is full of motion: fluttering butterflies, dancing daffodils, or even people enjoying outdoor activities. Capture these moments by using techniques such as panning, slow shutter speeds to create a sense of movement and dynamism.

yellow daffodils in bloom

4. Use Long Exposure

Use long exposure photography to sharply capture the stationary elements of images while blurring the moving elements. For example, when photographing a man standing on crowded roads, focus on the man while blurring the moving cars and passers-by.

time lapse photography of post lamps at night

5. Use Polarizing Filter

A polarizing filter is a photographic filter that is placed in front of camera lens to reduce reflection, reduce atmospheric haze, and increase the saturation of images. It's often used for landscape, cityscape, and architecture photography to level up the aesthetics of images by adding vividness and contrast to them. For example, when photographing water surface, you can use polarizing filter to reduce the light reflection and make water clearer.

lake surface

6. Silhouette Photography

Use silhouette photography to shoot dark image of the subject against a brighter background. In golden hours or under a pink-purple sky, shape the silhouette of a person or a couple, showing a sense of mystery and tranquility.

woman silhouette under pink and purple sky

7. Use Mirror as Your Crop

In Spring photography, a mirror can serve as an innovative compositional tool. When aiming to photograph flowers amidst a sea of blossoms, position yourself at the heart of the field and place a mirror on the ground. Then, capture the reflection of the surrounding spring flowers within the mirror using your camera, thereby discovering a fresh perspective on their beauty.

spring flower in mirror

8. Discover Quirky Angles

Discover a funny angle in addition to the regular close-up, wide, or horizontal shot. When shooting spring flowers in the field, why not try the angle of worm's view? Place the camera on the ground while directing at the flowers, showing the tall and slenderness of the flower stems.

petaled flowers shoot from low angle

Wrapped Up

Spring photography presents a myriad of creative opportunities to showcase the rejuvenation, endless vitality, and vibrant beauty of creatures. With our comprehensive guide featuring 22 inspiring ideas and 8 bonus tips, you're equipped to elevate your photography skills and bring out the best in this enchanting season.