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As we become better at using social media and communicating with more people, the need for everyone to learn how to convey their ideas and thoughts in the most efficient way becomes necessary. Fotor has met this need with the creation of a completely new feature, guaranteed to change the way you take photos and interact with social media.


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The new online version of Fotor now has a comprehensive Design feature, complete with templates and direct posting to social media. With options ranging from Youtube covers and Facebook posts, to posters, flyers and coupons, the new design feature is streamlined with the original photo editor, allowing for seamless editing, designing and distribution, all within a single platform.


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But the new website contains more than just the designer; its improved UI has been refined and customized based on our users’ requirements, allowing for an even faster, more user-friendly experience. Tempered by the need to provide both an efficient and powerful editing platform, Fotor has redesigned and altered huge elements of UI, without altering its original ease of use. Like many parts of the website, as the features expand and new additions are created, changes must be made to incorporate the many facets of the editor and designer.


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Perhaps the most important factor in an online designer is the ability to add, alter and effectively use text in conveying feeling and emotion. Improvements to the text feature now allow for a vastly greater editing and drafting experience as you combine, change and stylize your script for your specific purpose. This addition was undertaken with social media in mind, particularly Facebook posts and advertisements designed to reach a wide audience for a plethora of purposes. Like the UI and Text features, Fotor’s filters have also been refined and improved.


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Despite our awesome new additions, Fotor remains, first and foremost a digital editing utility app, resplendent in great filters and effects. The new updates include all of your favorite filters, with improvements and upgrades for higher definition and faster load times. But perhaps the greatest development in the filter department is the release of the exclusive new ‘serenity’ filter, designed to soften and highlight important elements within the picture.

Regardless of your reasons for using Fotor, the new update is sure to surprise and amaze even the most experienced editing veterans. So why not check it out for yourself today?


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