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HDR Photography

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography takes three photos with different exposures and combines them into a single image to bring out the best light and tone in each part of the photo. is the first photo editor offering online HDR features that allow you to capture highlights, shadows and striking details without the need to download expensive software. Our HDR feature contains revolutionary HDR technologies including Local Tone Balancing, Photo Alignment and Ghost Reduction that dramatically increase the accuracy and quality of photos at the fastest speeds available today.

Sophisticated HDR Technology

Fotor's online HDR tool includes a range of advanced HDR technologies, including Alignment, Ghost Reduction, and Local/Global Tone Mapping technology to help you easily produce spectacular images at the fastest speeds available today.  

Alignment Technology

Our powerful Alignment technology corrects problems with misalignment when your camera moves between photos.

Ghost Reduction Technology

If an object moves through the scene while you are taking multiple shots, our Ghost Reduction technology corrects the problem of "ghosting" when the images are combined.

HDR Guide

  • HDR merging Upload at least three photos of the same scene but with different exposures to the Fotor "Photo Basket".
  • HDR - Ghost Reduction Select the exposure bracketed photos, and click the "Start" button to start HDR merging.
  • Local Tone Mapping Select "Local Tone Balancer" to adjust the intensity of HDR tone-mapping within a range of 20 to 100.
  • HDR bracketed photos If there were objects moving through your photos, select "Ghost Reduction" to correct any inconsistencies.
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