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Create your amazing AI talking avatar with a perfect lip-sync to scripts with Fotor. Powerful talking avatar creator for social media, presentation, and marketing with your one-of-a-kind AI spokesperson who narrates your ideas.

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Three ai talking avatars of different styles generated in fotor

Create Your Text-to-Speech Avatar to Your Liking

Our talking avatar creator works smoothly to generate video avatars based on your input and choice. Whether you desire a professional digital narrator for a commercial video, or a cartoon talking avatar (like a VTuber) for a streaming channel, our tool covers them all. With just a few quick clicks, Fotor will present the AI text-to-speech avatar video as expected exactly. The results are stunning, with a fluent and perfect lip-sync and natural facial expressions.

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Choose from preset text to speech voice styles to create female ai talking avatar in fotor

Rich AI Voiceover Solutions to Choose From

Customize your talking AI avatar with our preset advanced text-to-speech converter. Our talking avatar creator is designed with multiple voice styles of different ages and genders. Just type your text scripts, choose your preferred one, and make picture talk in a natural, fluent, real-human sound-alike voice. Still, you can upload your audio clip to elevate the effect of the talking avatar video.

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Edit the ai talking avatar video for perfection in fotor

Enhance Your AI Talking Avatar Video

Enhance your talking avatar video, don’t hesitate to switch to our AI video editing. Utilize our Auto Caption tool to add subtitles to your video easily and quickly, making your video engaging and inclusive. Still, personalize the font, color, and size to your liking. Or further elevate it with tools and resources available, including video filters, effects, transitions, etc.

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Elevate Presence with Talking Avatar for Any Purpose

Presentation VideoExplainer VideoTutorial VideoSocial Media Video
Utilize fotors talking avatar maker to create engaging presentation video

Make an Engaging Presentation with a Talking Avatar

Say goodbye to repeated recording, and embrace the easy and quick way: photo to talking avatar. Fotor enables you to create a talking avatar as your digital presenter via just three steps: upload, enter a script, and choose voice. Use Fotor’s talking avatar generator to get yours to elevate your presentations and make them engaging enough.

Create professional explainer video using fotors ai talking avatar tool

AI Talking Avatar for Attractive Business Explainer Video

Whenever making an explainer video, don’t forget to make it unique and memorable. Fotor’s AI talking avatar creator is the best solution: explain your coming-soon product or service via a creative “AI spokesperson”. That will be a great selling point to catch your customers’ attention and boost the clicks and views of your explainer video.

Make tutorail video using fotors ai talking avatar generator

Utilize Talking Avatar for Helpful and Clear Tutorial Video

People always seeking tutorials with detailed information or steps. Instead of making tutorial videos with crude text information, attach them with a talking AI avatar to demonstrate further helpful content for your audience. Create yours with Fotor’s quick yet easy-to-use talking avatar maker, and that will bring an excellent experience for viewers to find the solution they need via your creative tutorial video.

Using ai talking avatar to innovate the youtube video content

Innovate Your Social Media Content with Talking Avatar Video

To stand out from millions of content creators across all platforms, keep innovating your content is the key. Fotor’s talking avatar creator is ready to reverse the traditional way of video making. Whether it’s your selfie or an AI-generated image, our photo-to-talking avatar converter can make your own VTuber-like video content in minutes. Grab the attention of viewers and gain more followers with a one-of-a-kind talking avatar in no time!


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