Headshot Photography: Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

Headshot Photography

The online presence often makes the first impression for people, and nothing speaks louder than a captivating and professional headshot. Whether you are a professional photographer or just an ordinary person who wants to improve their personal image, mastering the skills of headshot photography is essential. But fear not, we've got you covered with a comprehensive guide that delves into the top tips and techniques to ensure your headshots exude professionalism, authenticity, and charisma.

From understanding lighting and posing to choosing the perfect background and expressing the right emotions, join us and capture a good and professional headshot that leave a lasting impact.

What is a Headshot?

professional headshots of a business man in formal suit

What is a headshot? A headshot is a portrait photo that focuses primarily on the face, usually from the shoulders up. Headshots are commonly used in a variety of professional and personal contexts, such as business profiles, resumes, social media profiles, acting portfolios, modeling portfolios, and more. Headshots are critical to making a positive first impression, building credibility, and allowing others to connect with the subject on a personal level (even before direct interaction).

Headshot Photography Tips for Phtographer - How to Take Professional Headshots

professional headshots of a business woman in formal suit

1. Do a Pre-session Consultation Before a Headshot Photography

Before stepping in front of the camera for a headshot photography session, investing time in a pre-session consultation can make all the difference. This vital step sets the tone for a successful shoot by establishing clear expectations and ensuring that both the photographer and the subject are on the same page. Moreover, the pre-session consultation allows the photographer to build rapport, helping the subject feel more comfortable and relaxed on the day of the shoot.

2. Best Lens for Headshots

As commonly acknowledged, there isn't a singular camera lens suited exclusively to a particular photography session. The options encompass both prime and zoom lenses, yet prime lenses tend to garner greater favor. Renowned in the realm of headshot photography, experts often advocate for a fixed 35mm, 50mm, or 85mm lens, in addition to a versatile 24-70mm zoom lens. These choices empower you to capture intimate, up-close shots while also enabling your subject to stand out distinctly from the background, enhancing the overall impact of the photograph.

3. Outfit

Typically, solid and subdued colors are the most effective choice for headshots, as the aim is to avoid any elements that draw attention away from individuals' faces. If a more formal aesthetic is your goal, it's essential to ensure that everyone arrives with their finest attire. Jackets are often overlooked by men, so it's advisable to have an extra one available to maintain a consistent appearance, even if it's kept on standby. Sending a reminder the day before the scheduled photoshoot can be beneficial, and don't forget to iron the outfit.

Additionally, if you spend a considerable amount of time with your subject, encourage them to bring multiple clothing options. This allows for outfit changes throughout the progress, providing a variety of final images to choose from.

4. Background

An exceptional headshot photo is intrinsically linked to its backdrop. Don't confine yourself to the studio's plain-colored background. Instead, tailor the headshot background choice to the purpose.

Experiment with captivating backgrounds and hues that harmonize with the theme, allowing your creativity to flourish. Seek out unique settings, whether it's within your own home, theirs, a quaint local coffee shop, or the tranquil ambiance of a library. Embracing urban settings has become a trendy option lately. Thus, opting for a central city locale, basking in the glow of natural light, can yield remarkable outcomes.

5. Lighting

Opting for a studio setting grants you ample opportunities to meticulously fine-tune your lighting setup. Placing one or even two lamps in proximity to the subject guarantees well-illuminated facial features, expertly sidestepping unflattering shadows and harsh, fluorescent glares.

Positioning the lamp directly in front of the individual, and slightly elevated, at around a 45° angle, ensures optimal results. Having the subject face the light source or a window is advisable, though caution should be exercised to prevent direct eye contact that could lead to unintended squinting.

If your preference leans towards outdoor photography, the timing becomes paramount. Opt for moments when the lighting is gentle and diffused, steering clear of intensely bright lights that might trigger lens flare and other unwanted effects.

6. Posing

Empower your clients to experiment with diverse poses during headshot photography. If posing isn't their forte, offer guidance. Here's a compilation of widely-used headshot photography poses that can provide a starting point for your clients' exploration:

  • Classic Head and Shoulders Photo

Advise your clients to adopt the timeless classic of standing or sitting with an upright posture, facing the camera directly. By emphasizing the face as the focal point, this pose captures a sense of professionalism and poise.

  • One Hand in Pocket

For a more relaxed yet professional vibe, propose the pose of one hand in pocket. This offers a casual charm while retaining a suitable level of formality for various professional contexts.

  • Arms Crossed

Embracing the pose of crossed arms can instill an air of confidence and authority, which can be particularly effective for portraying a strong professional presence. However, it's crucial to exercise moderation in its use, as an overabundance may inadvertently convey a sense of being guarded or distant.

  • Casual Leaning Pose

The act of leaning not only adds a touch of informality to the composition but also provides a subtle framework that directs the viewer's attention to the subject's face, ensuring that their expressions and features remain the focal point.

7. Building Rapport

When person feels uneasy, their facial expression tends to appear rigid and unnatural. Thus, establishing a positive and comfortable rapport with clients emerges as an essential prerequisite for capturing exceptional headshots. To ensure their comfort throughout the session, consider having water on hand and maintaining a casual conversation that encourages relaxation.

8. Be Positve

While capturing images, engage in conversation with your subject. Offer them reassurance that their efforts are yielding excellent results. This practice, although challenging, yields substantial benefits as it maintains the subject's comfort and consistently produces high-quality headshots.

Furthermore, continue to provide positive feedback to your subject, even if the images aren't meeting your expectations. Avoid conveying any dissatisfaction when they're adjusting their pose or when lighting conditions are less than optimal. Instead, shower them with affirmations of their performance and gently guide them to make subtle adjustments to their posture.

9. Retouch Photos

By following the previous tips I believe you have taken some good headshot photos, but you still need to spend some time in photo editing programs such as Photoshop or Fotor to make final adjustments and edits to the photos, so that they look their best for your clients.

Ensure to perform color correction to achieve a natural color palette, and fine-tune brightness and contrast to attain balanced shadows and accentuated details. If desired, consider delving into more advanced retouching to remove blemishes, whiten teeth, and subtly refine skin textures.

For those who might feel apprehensive about navigating post-processing software, we wholeheartedly recommend trying Fotor – a user-friendly photo editing tool. Even if you're new to editing, Fotor empowers you to effortlessly master photo editing skills. Moreover, the inclusion of AI photo retouching and AI enhancement tools further simplifies the process, making it accessible for all skill levels. By harnessing these powerful tools, you can seamlessly manipulate any photograph to achieve your desired outcome.

10. Headshot Photography Pricing

Headshot pricing is intricately determined by both your expertise level and geographical location. To gauge the prevailing market rates, it's beneficial to examine the pricing structures of other photographers. Within this context, a couple of key considerations deserve emphasis:

  • Value Reflective Pricing

While setting your prices, bear in mind that headshots inherently involve the face, demanding meticulous editing efforts for each image. Thus, caution against underpricing, as your time and expertise warrant due compensation.

  • Photography Packages Approach

For instance, consider Package A priced at $200, entailing the delivery of 5 expertly retouched photos. In parallel, Package B at $100 could include 2 thoughtfully retouched photos. This tiered structure grants clients flexibility in choosing a package that aligns with their needs while simultaneously accommodating your pricing structure.

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Congratulations! Armed with our top tips and techniques, you're ready to create a headshot that leaves a lasting impact. Whether you're a photographer looking for inspiration or just looking to improve your portrait, this guide will help you create professional headshots. Remember, your headshot is more than just a photograph – it's your introduction, your brand, and your opportunity to make a remarkable first impression. Now, take the step and take a good headshot today!