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Batch convert JPG to PNG images in seconds without losing its quality. Drag all JPG images you want to convert into Fotor and get your PNG files within seconds.

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Effortlessly convert jpg to png in bulk with fotor

Batch Convert JPG to PNG Within Few Clicks

Struggling to manually convert each PNG file to JPG one by one? Don’t worry, this is where Fotor’s batch conversion tool come to the rescue. JPG to PNG converter in Fotor allows you to convert multiple JPG images to PNG format with just a few clicks. Drag and drop multiple JPG files at once and you will have them automatically converted to the PNG format. Batch conversion has never been so easier with the image converter to PNG of Fotor.

Batch Convert to PNG
Batch convert jpg to png with high quality

Convert JPG to PNG in Bulk Without Losing Quality

No more compromising photo quality when converting JPG to PNG in bulk! Fotor’s JPG to PNG converter can convert image to PNG while maintain the quality of your images during the conversion process. Our image to PNG converter ensures that every pixel remains intact, colors are preserved, and the final PNG images are just as sharp and clear as their JPG counterparts.

Batch Convert to PNG
Other image conversion options in fotor

More Than a PNG Converter

Besides batch converting JPG to PNG, our online image converter accommodates the bulk conversion of various formats. This includes the seamless batch conversion of PNG to JPG, WebP to JPEG, SVG to PNG, HEIC to JPG, and more. Rest assured that you can swiftly convert your images to the desired format in one go. Achieving high-quality conversion in seconds is a breeze with just a few simple steps in Fotor.

Batch Convert to PNG
Be more efficient with batch photo converter in fotor

More Efficient by Batch Conversion

Efficiency is the name of the game when you have a large number of JPG images to convert. Batch photo editor in Fotor not only save you time but also reduce the risk of errors that can occur when converting images one by one. You are allowed to upload up to 50 JPG images at a time and convert them to PNG files at once in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually. Enjoy a smooth and efficient image conversion experience with Fotor!

Batch Convert to PNG
Batch convert jpg to png in fotor batch photo editor

How to Batch Convert JPG to PNG in Fotor

  • Click “Batch Convert to PNG” to open Fotor batch photo editor.
  • Upload your JPG images by clicking “Open Image” or dragging and dropping them into the editing area.
  • Click “Format” on the left toolbar and choose the PNG file format. You can also rename your image files at once.
  • Apply and save the PNG images by clicking the download button.
Batch Convert to PNG

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