How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone | 5 Easiest Ways

Summary: In this article, we will talk about how to convert picture to PDF on iPhone and 5 easiest methods are covered. Come and check it!

how to convert picture to pdf on iphone with pdf and photo icons

Images on your iPhone are usually saved as JPGs or PNGs, which work well for most uses. However, sometimes it's much easier to send a PDF image than it is to upload the original file type, especially when you want to keep things like image location and other metadata private. Converting pictures to PDFs on an iPhone is a useful practice for a multitude of reasons, from sharing documents to preserving the quality and formatting of images.

Whether you want to create a portfolio, share scanned documents, or simply organize your images, the convenience of having your photos in PDF format cannot be understated. In this article, we will talk about how to convert picture to PDF on iPhone and explore the 5 easiest ways to convert photo to PDF on your iPhone. Let’s dive in.

Why Convert Photos to PDFs

Before delving into the methods of converting photos to PDFs on iPhone, it's important to understand the rationale behind this process. While images are visually appealing and easily shareable, they might not always retain their original formatting when shared across different devices or platforms. By converting pictures to PDFs, you ensure that the image's layout, fonts, and overall appearance remain consistent, making it an ideal format for documents, presentations, and more.

Moreover, PDFs are widely recognized and compatible across various devices and operating systems, ensuring that your content appears as intended to anyone who opens the file. This is particularly important when sharing important documents professionally or personally.

How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone

When you need to turn photo (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF) into PDF document, the fastest way is converting on your iPhone. If you haven’t done so yet, here we prepare 5 useful methods to show you how to turn a picture into a PDF as follows. Let’s get started.

How to Convert Image to PDF Using the Print Option

One of the simplest ways to convert a picture to a PDF on your iPhone is by using the built-in Print option. Here's how:

Open the Photos app and tap Select to choose the image you want to convert to PDF.

Tap the Share button, usually indicated by a square with an arrow pointing upward.

select and share the images you want to convert

Scroll down and select "Print."

choose the print option

In the Print Preview screen, use a pinching gesture on the thumbnail of the image to open it in full screen.

print preview interface

Now, pinch outwards with two fingers on the image again, but this time, you'll be presented with the Share Sheet.

Choose "Save to Files" from the available options.

save to files button

Select the location where you want to save the PDF, give it a name, and tap "Save."

How to Turn A Picture into A PDF Using the Book App

The Books app on your iPhone can also serve as a tool to convert images to PDFs. Here's the process:

Open the Photos app and select the image you want to convert.

Tap the Share button.

select and share the images you want to convert

Scroll down and choose "Books" from the available options. This will add the image to the Books app.

Note: If you can’t see the Books app, swipe right to the three-dot icon and select Books from the options.

share the image to the Book app

Open the Books app, and you'll find the image added as a PDF.

Tap the PDF to open it, and you can now easily share or organize it.

find the converted pdf image in the Books library

How to Save A Picture as A PDF with the Files App

The Files app is a versatile tool for managing and organizing your documents, and it can also help you turn an image into a PDF.

Open the Photos app and select the image you want to convert.

Tap the Share button.

select and share the images you want to convert

Choose "Save to Files" from the options.

save to files button

Select the location in the Files app where you want to save the PDF. You may need to tap the arrow at the top of your screen (next to Browse) to change the browsing location.

In order to convert multiple photos into PDF format: Select can be accessed by tapping the More button (it looks like three dots inside a circle) on the top right of the screen.

select the converted pdf images and click More button

Tap a few other photographs now. Once it is complete, select Create PDF by tapping More in the bottom right of the screen.

create pdf in files app

It will be saved in the same location as the photographs that were saved originally.

How to Change A Pictures to PDF with PDF Converter App

In addition to using the PDF conversion function that comes with iPhone, you can also download third-party PDF converter app to convert image to PDF format. There are several third-party apps available on the App Store that specialize in converting various file formats to PDFs. Here, we recommend PDF Expert and iCareFone.

PDF Expert

pdf expert features

PDF Expert is a professional Mac and iOS PDF editor with a range of features that include PDF editing, filling and signing forms, adding annotations, reading PDFs, and, of course, converting images to PDF. The steps are very simple and the UI is quite intuitive.

All you need to do is add the file to the PDF Expert iOS app, go to the extended menu by tapping the …More menu option, and tapping on Convert to PDF. That's it!


icare fone features

With just the click of a button, you can export photographs from both your iPhone and computer using the feature-rich iOS management application iCareFone. This software also contains several unique and useful features.

Additionally, the program for managing photos contains an integrated feature to convert photos to PDF. While you are exporting your photos, for instance, you can transfer and export images in PDF format from your iPhone.

How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone Through Online Tools

If you prefer not to install additional apps on your iPhone, you can also use online tools to turn photo into PDF.


homepage of hipdf tool

HiPDF is an online PDF utility that can be accessed on any modern browser on your iPhone, including Safari, Chrome, etc. The site is comprised of a set of web pages, each with a dedicated PDF tool that can be used for free online. The tool for this particular process is the Image to PDF conversion page, and it can be accessed quickly on your iPhone or any other device.


In this post, we have talked about how to convert picture to PDF on iPhone and shared 5 ways to convert to PDF, including the Print option, Books app, Files app, PDF converter app and some online tools. By leveraging these methods, you can ensure that your images are preserved in a universally compatible format that retains their quality and formatting, making them suitable for a variety of professional and personal purposes.