“Social Media Marketing 101: 3 Methods to Maximize your Marketing with Social Media (and how you can do it too!) “






If you’re cluey about how marketers use the internet and Facebook, you’d know they have some simple tactics to maximize their campaigns. In this blog, we will show you how to do the same!


Providing us a platform to communicate and fueling our increasingly short attention spans, the internet and social media have revolutionized our concept friendship, connectivity and globalization. Along with these amazing developments, there have been some negatives as well. Marketing and advertising companies utilise increasingly sophisticated methods to collate and mine data to further assist in targeted advertising campaigns.

In this brief guide, we’ll point out a few ways marketers use social media to cultivate their brand image, collect information and ‘tweak’ their image based on their users. We’ll also show you how you can learn from this, bringing you the ability to perfectly control, edit and design your (or your product’s) image in this modern, digital environment.


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Method 1. Establishing Brand – or personal – Image

More important than the product itself, is the way the product is displayed. So many brands have invested vast amounts of time and energy in their appearance that advertising and marketing often take the lion’s share of a company’s expenditure. Obviously, one the biggest ways this is done is through social media, which allows not only for wide coverage, but also the ability to target specific demographics.

Thankfully, you can utilise similar tactics in in your own social media posting! Regardless of what you want to post or publish, regardless of your message, before you begin, you should ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is my message I want (and hope others will) spread?
  2. What will be my target demographic?
  3. How will I make it worth sharing?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be ready to pick a theme for your posts. Choosing a theme is one of the most important portions of your campaign.






Method 2. Designing a Theme

Colours and symbols become the primary way a product is recognized. The big ‘M’ at McDonald, the stylized writing of coca-cola are perfect examples of this. When you design posts, advertisements or anything you want published, make sure that everything relating to the posts is themed. This can be done in a few simply ways:

Online designers like Fotor have predesigned social media and promotional templates available to anyone. Check here. They are not only handy for saving some time designing, but are created by professional designers who specialize in eye-catching templates.




Method 3. Multi-Platform Posting

So, you have an awesome campaign idea, you have your brand imaging and design sorted, what now? Simply put, you need to spread it as far and wide as it can go – through as many people as possible. Apple, perhaps one of world’s most well-known companies, is famous for hiring ‘brand evangelists’ to promote their content and products. Effectively, everyone who ‘likes’ your post on Facebook is to some extent, a brand evangelist for you.

But maximizing this form of information dissemination is not as easy as it sounds. In this guide, we initially asked 3 important questions for you to consider before embarking on your campaign, once you reach the ‘posting and distributing’ phase, you will realize why these questions are so important.

When someone reposts anything, it’s typically because they think it will be useful to their friends and/or family or because it’s linked to their personal image which they want others to see. Your unique content and themed posting will inevitably have some follows before you even start, but in order to ‘gain momentum’ you need to make each post relevant and special. Including a title which is linked with a well-known event or piece of news is perhaps the best way of doing this, the other is multi-platform posting.




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