5 Simple Ways to Maximise Your ETSY Shop [with Etsy Shop Cover and Shop Icon Design]




Etsy is growing pretty fast and stocks a huge range of amazing items. If you’re an Etsy seller, you need look no further than this brief guide on maximising your Etsy account!


It’s no secret that we live in the age of online shopping. With the exponentially growing number of internet users around the world, people are utilising the World Wide Web to set up their own digital shopfronts to share their unique products and handcrafts. One of the most popular of these online sites is ‘Etsy’ – a p2p marketplace specialising in vintage, handcraft and speciality items. With such a massive network of enthusiastic buyers and sellers, Etsy has become one of the biggest selling platforms, allowing many small time retailers the opportunity to break into the international market.

But as any good seller would know, successfully selling your items is not as simple as just opening an account! Utilising a range of methods, you can see your small shop increase its selling potential exponentially, allowing you to earn even more money through this well-established platform.




As any good entrepreneur would know, the quality of your product is secondary to the effectiveness of its presentation. With the sheer number of online designing and enhancing resources available, you’ll be able to max out you product catalogue with some fantastic photos, including design text on your photos. Fotor is one of a number of such enhancers and designers with specific Etsy sized templates, designed specific for this purpose. You can easily design a delicate Etsy shop icon and shop cover for your shop!


fotor screenshot

fotor UI screenshot


But this is not limited to simple photo editing, given the flexibility of the Etsy platform, you can also incorporate a banner maker and even a poster maker to your page design, giving your shop front a stylish, professional and aesthetically appealing look.




The world moves quickly, particularly for those engaged in the digital sphere. When developments in digital and social media occur, those that profit are the one who hear it first.

By keeping up to date with modern trends, styles and emergent media channels, the Etsy seller can drive traffic towards his/her store, increasing sales and revenue. This may be done through streamlining your products through social media, such as making an awesome looking instagram post or twitter post with a self-designed twitter cover.




The number of mobile internet users is growing exponentially, so much so that non-mobile sites have shown a marked drop off in traffic with the release of increasingly sophisticated smartphones and apps.

We all know that you can manage your Etsy selling via an app, which means you really can ‘sell on the go’. However, optimising for mobile requires a little more effort than just installing an app. Ensuring your updates and notifications are automated helps a great deal in providing that all important feedback, while keeping the phone close while out and about will ensure you’re never too far to manage your store.

using phone


One of the cornerstones of all business, regardless of the field, is communication and customer service. Ensuring all questions are answered and all transactions finalised is far more important than people think, and is a crucial step in securing the ‘return customer’.

If you’ve already optimised your store for mobile, you will probably find this tip fairly straight forward, if not, sticking to a schedule and being disciplined in answering questions about your product and service is essential – and can be considered a necessary step in maximising your store’s efficiency.


sales man and customer


With all of these tips and tactics in mind, the final step will be in organising a work schedule to allow you to make the most of your time online. Ultimately, time itself is the most valuable commodity, so saving it is a no-brainer.

Getting mobile helps with this, as does linking in to social media and various promotional channels to ‘recycle’ your marketing content to save time. Writing one article for your blog can effectively cover a number of other promotional channels, including facebook and linkedin, the pictures you include in it, can then be shared on instagram.

Regardless of what you’re selling, there are people out there who want to buy it – and who go on the internet to search for it. While you may not be able to have the full benefit of someone with their own dedicated website, your Etsy store is still your shopfront to the entire, billions strong digital community, so taking some time in optimising it will never be wasted.

Now start your optimization from perfect Etsy shop cover and shop icon designs at Fotor!



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