WebP to JPG Bulk

Convert multiple WebP files to JPG images at once with batch photo editor of Fotor. Change WebP to JPG in a snap to save time and improve efficiency!

Convert multiple webp files to jpg at once with fotor batch editor
Easily convert many webp images in bulk with fotor batch image converter

Fast & Easy WebP to JPG Batch Converter

Still struggling to batch convert WebP to JPG? Don’t worry, we have Fotor. Batch converting image files from WebP to JPG online is a breeze with our easy-to-use batch photo editor. It streamlines the process and allows you to upload up to 50 WebP images at once and convert them to JPG format in a single click. No need to convert each image individually – our powerful online converter takes care of everything for you, efficiently handling bulk conversions.

Batch Convert to JPG
Change four webp files to jpg with high quality

Change WebP to JPG with High-quality

When it comes to image conversions, preserving the quality of the original image is of paramount importance. With our online image converter, you can rest assured that your WebP images will be converted to JPG format while maintaining high-quality resolution and color accuracy. It ensures that the converted images look just as impressive as the original ones, regardless of the platform or device they are viewed on.

Batch converting WebP images to JPG has never been easier with Fotor online file converter!

Batch Convert to JPG
More image conversion options offered by fotor batch image converter

Various Image File Conversion Options

Apart from changing WebP to JPG, the versatile image converter of Fotor often provides various other image file conversion options. These may include converting images to different formats such as PNG to JPG, SVG to PNG, or HEIC to JPG, catering to different needs and preferences. Having a single tool that can handle multiple conversions streamlines the process and makes it more convenient for you.

Batch Convert to JPG
Edit the converted jpg image with fotor toolkit

Comprehensive Photo Editing Toolkit

In addition to being a powerful batch image converter, our online WebP to JPG converter also come equipped with a comprehensive photo editing toolkit. It means that you can perform basic edits and enhancements on your images after converting them to JPG format. Features like cropping, resizing, adding filters, adjusting brightness, and more can further improve the overall quality of your images, ensuring they meet your specific requirements. Have a try!

Batch Convert to JPG
Convert four webp images in fotor batch photo editor

How to Convert WebP to JPG in Bulk

  • Click “Batch Convert to JPG” to open Fotor batch photo editor.
  • Upload your WebP images by clicking “Open Image” or dragging and dropping them into the editing area.
  • Click “Format” on the left toolbar and choose the JPG file format. You can also rename your image files at once.
  • Edit the converted images as needed, such as cropping, resizing, adding filters, etc.
  • Apply and save the JPG images by clicking the download button.
Batch Convert to JPG