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Type your text and see it transform into a variety of fancy font styles with Fotor’s free font generator. Copy and paste fonts you like to use for your social media networks, messaging apps, documents, design projects, and anywhere else you want for free!

ŧɏᵽɇ sømɇŧħɨnǥ ŧø sŧȺɍŧ


Շץקє ร๏๓єՇђเภﻮ Շ๏ รՇคгՇ


̊t̊̊ẙ̊p̊̊e̊ ̊s̊̊o̊̊m̊̊e̊̊t̊̊h̊̊i̊̊n̊̊g̊ ̊t̊̊o̊ ̊s̊̊t̊̊å̊r̊̊t̊

GlitchBubbles On Top

̳t̳̳y̳̳p̳̳e̳ ̳s̳̳o̳̳m̳̳e̳̳t̳̳h̳̳i̳̳n̳̳g̳ ̳t̳̳o̳ ̳s̳̳t̳̳a̳̳r̳̳t̳

GlitchMusic Bars
Copy and paste fancy text fonts for Instagram message

Copy and Paste Fonts to Spice up Your Messaging

Stand out your messaging with Fotor's free text font changer. Instantly transform ordinary text into captivating expressions of font style. You can choose from a diverse range of fonts to match any mood or occasion, and effortlessly copy and paste fonts into your messages, express emotion to your loved ones, or send unique birthday wishes to friends. Spice up your communication and make every word stand out with Fotor's free font generator today!

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Create fancy fonts for social media with Fotors font changer

Custom Font Changer for Social Media

Social media is where to showcase your unique personality. Captivate your audience with unique font styles offered by our font changer. Change font style for your Facebook profile, or add a personalized touch to your Instagram story and post. It is super easy to copy and paste custom text fonts to your social media, even Discord messages, and Tiktok video captions.

Change Your Font for Free
Create eye-catching typography text for use in graphic design with Fotor's free font generator

Creat an Eye-catching Design with Fancy Fonts

Merge a custom font editor with meticulously designed templates to craft visually captivating designs. Fotor empowers you to easily customize your project in any aspect, whether the font style, color palette, background, or filters and stickers, granting you complete creative authority over your creation.

Change Your Font for Free
Various copy and paste fonts on Fotor font generator

Different Font Styles for You to Choose From

Explore our copy and paste font library, and try different free fonts online. Fotor's font changer offers a wide range of personalized fonts in categories, including bold text, cursive font, tattoo font, cool font, and more. With so many free font options from Fotor text style changer, you can easily find stylish fonts that match your personality, ensuring your content truly stand out.

Change Your Font for Free

Why Choose Fotor Font Changer?

Clock icon- simple and fast to use

Simple to Use

Easy and fast to generate stylish text that matches your desired aesthetic. No technical skill or sign-up is required.

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100% Free

Get 100+ stylish and fancy font styles for free. Easily copy and paste fonts for your social media posts, design projects, websites, and more.

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

Fotor's font changer works across various platforms and applications. Create fancy text everywhere you want even on the go.

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