New in Fotor AI Image Generator: Updated Interface, Effects & Community

We're happy to announce the latest updates to Fotor AI Image Generator! It now has a brand new interface, more cartoon styles for image-to-image generating, and a community for you to get inspiration.

Meet the New Interface

In the new interface, there are three sections on the top menu bar that you can switch between: Create, Inspiration, and My Gallery.

In the "Create" section that you are most familiar with, the feature menu has been moved to the left, while the generated images remain in the middle. On the right side, you can expand or collapse your gallery for a quick check of your generated images.

"My Gallery" is still for you to check all your generated images, and now you can manage them in batch to delete or add your works to collection.

Get Inspiration from Community

The new section "Inspiration" is a community where you can browse through and get inspired by other users' shared works. You can view their prompts to gain new ideas, or click "Evolve" to create a similar image based on their prompts, parameters, or initial images.

Cartoonize Yourself in More Styles

For image-to-image generating, you can now choose from more cartoon styles. Simply upload a photo of yourself, then choose a style to generate your anime and game avatars, or turn yourself into a Disney character!