Introducing M-2 Stable: A Leap Forward in Fotor AI Image Generator

In our continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence, we're thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our AI Image Generator: M-2 Stable, a new model offering stronger semantic understanding and visually stunning results for text-to-image generation.

Don't worry if you've grown fond of our previous model and styles. We're preserving your favorites while making M-2 Stable the default option. It's easy to switch back to the old model and generate images with the previous styles. As for M-2 Stable, we've also updated with some amazing preset styles, such as Pixel Art, Oil Painting, Color Manga, Digital Art, Logo Style and more.

ai image generated in fotor with pixel art style

Style Selected: Pixel Art

ai image generated in fotor with art oils style

Style Selected: Art Oils

ai image generated in fotor with neonpunk style

Style Selected: Neonpunk

Due to M-2 Stable's improved semantic understanding capability, it's worth tryiny to generate images with no preset style while shape the image's style precisely in prompts. This empowers you to guide the AI to unleash your creativity and achieve the exact look you envision. Here are some examples of popular style words with “None-V2” style selected under M-2 Stable.

Art Style: Ligne Claire

Example Prompt: trendy cafe shop, coffee machines and cups, 3 or 5 people talking, walking, summertime, friendly and cozy environment, Ligne Claire, close-up, line work, concise and vibrant color, dull color, impressive, graphic, cartoon illustration, detailed

Art Style: Pointillism

Example prompt: a person stands in the wilderness, blue light dots swirling, style of Vincent Van Gogh painting, pointillism style, magnificent stunning scenery, illustration, negative space, intaglio printmaking, artistic, minimalist