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AI Art Generator

Create AI generated images and AI artworks with Fotor Free AI art generator in one click.

Transfer your ordinary photos into AI selfies, portraits, avatars, and paintings with artistic filters in various styles.

Generate all kinds of images with Fotor ai image generator

Create AI Generated Arts in Seconds with AI Generator

A beautiful woman with long hair in anime character
A beautiful woman with long hair
An oil painting dog photo
A cute dog
A village in cartoon style
A village in country lifestyle
A beautiful woman with long hair in anime character
An oil painting dog photo
A village in cartoon style

Fotor AI art generator makes AI art generation simple. You can easily generate artwork using our AI art generator from photos. Instantly create a unique piece of AI generated art by uploading your photo and selecting a stylish or creative art filter. With our AI image generator, there are many ways to make your AI generated images a reality in seconds.

Transform a famle selfie into AI selfie

Convert Your Photos Into Stylish Artwork with AI Art Generator

Fotor's AI art generator uses AI image generation technology to turn photos into art in one click, you can discover your creative side and easily convert your ordinary photos into amazing oil paintings, watercolors, cartoons, sketches, and more. Go from an ordinary photo to a professional perfect AI painting in just a few simple steps.

AI Generate Image Now
Turn a female into cartoon characters

Transform Your Selfies into AI Selfies with AI Portrait Generator

Follow the trend of AI generated art over social media, and use your selfies and Fotor AI selfies generator to create stylish portraits in seconds. Fotor uses artificial intelligence to reimagine your selfies into AI selfies, digital avatars, and even anime avatars. Upload them on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok for profile pictures, headshots, or posts, and get more likes and fans quickly.

AI Generate Image Now
Red panda photos with different art filters

Generate Your AI Art with Powerful AI Art Effects

Everyone has a childhood fantasy of being an artist. Our AI art generator produces photos in various creative AI art effects that make your photo look like an AI painting. From Van Gogh to watercolor to oil painting, with the help of the AI painter, you can quickly create your own fantasy art that precisely captures the aesthetic ambiance of your artwork. Our online art maker makes it possible for everyone to become an artist, make you become the art creator!

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Generate a female illustration with text in Fotor ai art generator

Bring Your Ideas into Life with AI Art Generator from Text

It's time to turn your imagination into art never-see before. Our AI image generator still supports everyone to create their own digital art by texting to image. Input your image description ideas, AI created images in seconds including AI faces, AI NFTs, AI drawings, AI paintings, and more creations.

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Generate ai images with Fotor ai art generator app

Support to Create AI Artwork in AI Art Generator App

Fotor still offers AI art generator app on the Google play store and Apple store. Allow you to make artwork from photos or turn your ideas into art anytime using the power of AI. Just upload your images or input the text, and our AI picture generator will transfer your ideas into life in seconds.

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Ai art photo with frames

Explore More Features to Enrich the AI Created Art

Fotor provides an impressive range of editing tools. In addition to the AI art maker, you can combine other features to enrich and enhance your AI generated images in a variety of ways. You can add retro frames to your artwork to make it look like a real piece of art, or add stickers to your photos to make it more interesting. You can even use the "Text" tool to add transparent watermarks and create your signature in a delicate handwritten font, then, a masterpiece is complete!

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How to Make AI Art with AI Art Generator?

  • Click the button "Make AI Art Now" to turn to our photo editing page.
  • Click the "AI Art" in the tool menu on the left.
  • Then upload your photo by clicking "Upload image" or dragging it to our editing area.
  • Select "GoArt-NFT Creator" to open our AI art generator.
  • Browse our all artistic filters, and choose the one you like to apply to the photo.
  • Wait a few seconds. Our AI art generator will quickly render the art effect. You can also slide the intensity slider to adjust the final effect.
  • Click the "Download" button in the upper right corner to download your great work in the desired file format and size!
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