Product Photography Tools: Best Equipment and Editing Tools

Summary: This blog will let you know how to take good product photos for esty and the best way to edit your etsy product photos list easily.

lighting equipment and cameras and a sofa with a white backdrop

As we all know, product photos are becoming more and more important,especially on ecommerce. Before the clients get the real products they want, they can only see the photos of products.

Therefore an eye-catching product photograph could capture the clients’ attention and drive them to buy the products. Hiring a professional photographer is a good choice. But to take professional photos by yourself could save you a lot of time and energy!

But never mind, we will share you some product photography tools for you to take amazing product photos easily.

Best Product Photography Tools: Product Photography Setup

The product ohotography tools involved in the process of product photography contains a lot, such as the camera, accessaries for steady photos shot, for lighting and editing. Let’s see what type you should choose!

Best Camera for Product Photography

Without doubt, one of the most professional product tools would be the camera. And here are two types of popular DSLR camera brands you could choose – Nikon and Canon.

The first one is Nikon D5200. If your budget on a camera is not quite high, you could consider Nikon D5200. This camera could offer you professional products with fabulous quality.

Another version of Nikon is Nikon D610. And the price is a little bit higher than Nikon D5200. The price is moderate and the photography effect is quite amazing.

Canon EOS T3 is much cheaper but also with amazing quality!

A black photo with green background

Best Product Photography Lens

In addition to different versions of the camera, the lens set on the camera is also an important tool for product photography. Here are some tips for you to pay attention when choosing one.

Remember to match the lens mount to your camera. This matters a lot for excellent product photography.

And the focal length of the lens is crucial, too. And an proper size for taking amazing product photography is 80-100mm.

The most proper magnification of the lens ranges from 0.5-1.2X.

The speed and aperture would weigh a lot , for they determine the light coming into the lens. And the range from f/8 to f/11 is appropriate.

The models of the lens would usually be the zoom lens one, because this will provide pictures with high-definition.

seven black lenses


Besides the camera and the lens, other accessories would help a lot for excellent product photography.

A good tripod usually contains three legs to keep the camera super steady.

Lighting equipment

As we all know, the light for taking pictures is quite important in taking good product pictures. Before, we usually take advantage of the natural light during the golden hour. But the natural light is not always good for shot. Thus the lighting equipment is coming into being.

When you choose the light equipment, some factors needed to be taken into consideration.

The first factor would be the power. It’s the driving force for image product photography. And a slightly powerful light ranging from 400 watt to 600 watt would be preferred.

Another factor is the power cords. It helps a lot when you wish to shot at different locations. For the light equipment is supported by battery. A power cord will prevent your product photography being interrupted.

Speedlight would offer amazing effect when combined with light modifiers.

Trigger also matters a lot, because it can help erase cables and remain the precision and stability of photography photos.

a studio with black backdrop and light


The compuer is an essencial part for ecommerce. As an ecommerce businessman, you need to upload all you product pictures to your computer. Thus to choose a powerful computer would bring out the good quality of the photos.

There are some factors you need to consider when choosing a good computer, including powerful software program, battery power, 16GB RAM, 2GB Graphics Card, quad-core CPU at the minimum level.

These factors would make your prodcut photography more clear and stunning!

Other accessories

There are endless accessories to help you record amazing product photos, such as stands, filters, light boom, grip arms, box, scrims, Plexiglass, foam board, Cinefoil, varnish, Clamps and so on.

For stands, there are C-stands and regular stands for you to choose.

And you could choose a circular polarizer filter to avoid some destructive reflections.

Softbox could help you form soft light. And light box would help you get the bright light and avoid shadows.

Scrim has a good effect of making product photos shining and sharp.

In terms of Plexiglass, I suggest you to choose a white and black one. And it will help you a lot in getting a white or black background.

Varnish is really cheap and makes sense in shooting products that are reflective and transparent.

Make sure you have as many as Clamps to help you get excellent pictures.

Product photography Tools to Set Proper Backdrop

For an excellent product photography, a good surrounding environment should be included. And some tools needed to be applied for a good backdrop.
Remember to take a light box in white or black or just choose the ready-made one such as a roll of white paper or poster board. This way could help you form a background that will highlight the product.

To gain the clear background, you could apply tools like white paper and cloth backdrops.

In addtion, if you don't want to bother to choose and make a clear background. You could use product photography tools for background remover. Then changing the background into white or other bright color. Fotor's Background Remover is always avaliable for you!

Three plates with rice and ingredients in them and a brush and two plants

Enhance the Product Photo with Product Photography Tools for Editing

To take product photographs is by no means using camera photoshoot. The tools to retouch the photos to perfection is also crucial to show an amazing effect to clients. There are a lot of Photo editing softwares for you to pick.

Software for Photo Editing


To make you product photos perfect, the best online photo editor – Fotor will help you effortlessly enhance photos in just one click. You can also use the AI background remover to change the background into one that could highlight or complement the product.

If the product photos are not clear enough, Fotor’s unblur image would lend you a hand to sharpen the product image.

Fotor web tool


Powerful AI-driven editing tools like background remover, AI enlarger, object remover, one-tab skin retouch, AI art effects, etc.

Over 100,000+ ready-to-use templates and creative content for graphic design and photo collages.

Millions of HD stock photos for personal and commercial use.

Start Editing

Adobe Photoshop

This product photography tool for editing can manage to do everything you wish to edit. It has a lightweight version named PhotoshopElements 12. And you could try a free trial, too.

Adobe Lightroom

This tool could be used to edit and organize photos. And it's super useful in handling large quantities of photos. It's also a great tool to correct color.


GIMP is a image editor with cross-platform. It can be used on Mac, Windows and so mon. With it, you could use many customiztion options and 3rd party plugins. It offers the most proper color to ensure high-fidelity color reproduction across digital and printed media .


You could remove the background from your product photos and you could match it with proper one to suit the theme of the product. Besides, you could refine the edges and unblur pictures there.

Services for photo editing

Besides the background removal services, another service is called Path. With it, you could not only remove the background, but also change color for additional variants. What's more, to retouch the product photos to fix smudges and glares. You could use Fotor to achieve this effect, too.

Product Photography Ideas

After preparing for the best product photography tools, you need to know different types of shot with these tools. Here are some tips for you!

Individual shots

Individual shot means to shot a single product. And this ofen contains product catalogs, images of banner. Each page could show the same product of different colors in detail. Then the clients would pick the one they like.

Group shots 

This shot means to take product photos in groups. This usually applies to product kits, collections, group photography displays . This could showcase all of these products to your clients all at once.

a group of white products for make-up

Lifestyle Shots 

This type of photography means to shot your products in different locations of life. This would show the direct contexct of the product usage.

Scale Shots

To show the specific size of a product, scale shot is a good choice. This would give a direct visual experience to your clients and drive them to buy the size they really need.

Detailed shots 

When you take photos of jewelry and other beautiful items. Detailed shot would show the sutlety of them and let the product photos become more eye-catching for clients!

Packaging shots 

The package of a product is really crucial. This would show the quality of the whole service offered on ecommerce. 

a packaging with 4 bottles and two bueno


To get the best product photos for promotion and selling and to shot next level images, there shouldn’t be lack of a set of advanced product photography tools that could help you improve your skills or retouch your photos for free!