AI Generative Fill: Let Your Ideas Go Wild

Add anything you want on the image with our AI generative fill tool. Transform your creative ideas and funny attempts into reality with text prompts.

Add a leprechaun house on a grass image with fotor ai generative fill
Add a beautiful girl to a seaside image with fotor generative fill

Enrich Your Image Content With Prompts

Create a new and creative image based on the existing image. With our online generative fill tool, you can effortlessly turn monotonous, tedious images into stunning designs with an artistic feel. Just upload your image, mark the area you want to fill in, and enter the text prompt. Our advanced algorithm will analyze your input and create an intricate, contextually relevant design within the selected area.

Whether you want to add a starry sky, a beautiful butterfly, or just a passer-by to the original image, the AI will interpret and merge these elements into your image with coherence and aesthetics.

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Fill in the sunset image with an old man

AI Generative Fill to Simplify Your Work Process

Say goodbye to the past complicated, time-consuming workflow. Our AI generative fill can help you deal with your image within seconds. Whether you wan to add an element, remove unwanted parts, or replace objects in the image, just select the area you want to change, and tell AI your ideas. Volià-You'll see a new image that aligns with your needs and thoughts in a snap.

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Replace the original white sky with sunset and hot balloon

Background Generative Fill to Visualize Your Creative Thoughts

Yearning for a globe-trotting adventure without breaking the bank? Simply harness our generative fill feature to swap backgrounds and embark on a virtual journey across the world. Whether you want to explore the mystery of the Alps, stand under a starry sky, take a shot with prehistoric dinosaurs, or take a hot balloon in the romantic Turkey. Just upload your image, select the background, and replace it with your desired photo. Try now to see what a realistic and seamless result Fotor can achieve!

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Embrace the Endless Creativity of AI Generative Fill

Product PhotographyReal EstateArt & DesignFilm & GamingSocial Media
Add wooden table to a watch product using fotor ai generative fill

Product Photography

Transform product images into captivating visual narratives by seamlessly integrating additional props, accessories, or contextually relevant environments. Showcase your merchandise in various scenarios, such as placing a watch on a wooden desk, adding a steaming cup of coffee next to a book cover, or placing a smartphone in a high-tech lifestyle setting.

Add sofa to an empty house using fotor ai generative fill

Real Estate

Elevate architectural renderings and floor plans by filling them with lifelike furnitures ranging from sofas, chairs, tables to lamps etc.Effortlessly inject vitality and realism into empty spaces, turning static blueprints into immersive virtual tours. Ideal for architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals seeking to present clients with vivid representations of their projects, enabling better decision-making and more compelling marketing materials.

Add modern buildings to a classic painting using fotor ai generative fill

Art & Design

Merge classical paintings with contemporary landscapes, infuse your portraits with dreamlike motifs, or overlay your cityscapes with geometric shapes inspired by cubism. This innovative approach empowers both amateur enthusiasts and professional artists to explore new creative territories and generate thought-provoking, hybrid works of art.

Add thunder to a male silhouette portrait

Film & Gaming

Enhance cinematic stills, concept art, or game assets by dynamically altering environmental elements, weather conditions, or time of day. Use AI generative fill to introduce dramatic thunderstorms, ethereal fog, vibrant sunsets, or twinkling starscapes, breathing life into otherwise static visuals.

Add wings to a woman seaside photo using fotor ai generative fill

Social Media

Stand out in the crowded social media landscape by leveraging AI generative fill to create attention-grabbing, personalized content. Add humorous memes, seasonal decorations, or trending themes to your profile pictures, craft visually striking posts for special occasions, or design eye-catching graphics that align with popular challenges and hashtags.

Why Choose Fotor's AI Generative Fill?

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Easy to Use

No skills are needed, it provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface available for everyone.

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HD Generative Fill

It ensures a high image quality throughout the generation and downloading procedure.

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Redo and Refine

If you don't like the generated images, you can click on the "<" icon to redo the steps.

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No Installation Required

You can use our AI generative fill tool online to add wanted elements to the image.


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