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Tint Image Online for Free

Tint your image and convert it to a cool photo with Fotor's online free image tinter. Use the tint tool to better control the color of your photo and make your photo stand out in the crowd!

Tint a night photo with fotors image tinter

Add Different Color Tints to Your Images

A group photo of girls in purple tint
a group photo of girls in a vintage film style
A rosy flower photo
beautiful purple flower
A building photo with green tone
A building photo with light blue tone
A group photo of girls in purple tint
A rosy flower photo
A building photo with green tone

Different tints bring different feelings. The red tint gives passion to a photo, purple for mystery and yellow for nostalgia. With Fotor's image colorizer, you can easily add different color tints to your photos to bring them different styles and moods. Tint photos instantly with a specific color to enrich image tones and make them vibrant!

Tint a portrait with fotors color tint tool

Easy to Use Online Image Tinter

With Fotor's image tint tool, you can easily tint image with your favorite shade. To inject fresh color into your dull photo, just upload your photo and a few clicks, you will get an amzing tinted image in seconds. Recoloring image online has never been easier!

Tint Image Now
Tint portraits with Fotors different color tint filters

Add a Color Filter to Change Image Color

Using image tint filters to colorize photos is a great way to make them stand out. Fotor offers a wide range of types of photo effects, browse and select a unique tint effect to add distinctive tones to your photos. Tint images for changing the dull atmosphere.

Tint Image Now
Tint images for spotify playlist covers

Tint a Photo for Your Spotify Cover

Tint a photo to highlight your Spotify cover with Fotor's tint image tool. Spice up your music playlist covers with cool & unique photo tints, and gather eyeballs in the world of music quickly. You can also use Fotor's free online color invert tool to convert your cover into an eye-catching negative effect.

Tint Image Now
Easily edit your photos using Fotor photo editor

More Than An Image Tint Tool

Let's go beyond tint images. Fotor's vast range of photo-enhancing features opens up limitless possibilities. You can easily remove background with our convenient background removal tool, and retouch your portrait with the professional portrait retouching tool, and you can even quickly attract the viewer's attention by applying the double exposure effect... Create amazing photos with Fotor without any design experience.

Tint Image Now

How to Add A Color Tint to An Image?

  • It is easy to tint image with Fotor. First, click the button "Tint Image Now" to get started.
  • Upload your image or drag & drop your image to canvas.
  • Find the Color tool at the left tool dashboard and click it. You can freely adjust the color temperature and tint as needed by simply sliding the slider.
  • In addition, you can also apply the Trendy filters in the Effects, with a variety of color filters at your disposal.
  • Finally, click the Download button at the top right of the canvas to save your photos in the desired format on your computer.
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