Invert Colors to Create Negative Image Instantly

Create fabulous inverted artwork with your imagination and Fotor's free online invert colors tool in one click without any photo editing skills.

Invert image into negative effect with fotor
Invert girl image into nagative effect

Convert Colors of Image into Negative Effect

The fashionable, modern inverted image is not suitable for all photos, but it certainly brings new vitality to some suitable images. Inverting color of a photo showcases the bright, avant-garde, and retro characteristics.

Inverting colors perfect for online sales, major announcements, and invitations to attract customers. Fotor's free online invert color tool convert image into eye-catching negative effect.

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Invert boy image into nagetive image

Giving Photos More Imagination with inverting colors

Color inversion is to change the color to its complementary color. With Fotor's free online color inverter, we can create different stylish inverted photos that are totally different from ordinary photos.

Fotor's color inverter is able to convert various kinds of photos into negative effect to give a great visual impact on the audience.

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Invert bird image into nagetive effect with invert box

The Invert Intensity Can be Adjusted

With powerful AI technology, Fotor's color inverter is able to freely control the intensity as you want. Different degrees of negative intensity may have completely different effects on your images. Explore more magic negative images with Fotor's free online color inverter.

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How to Invert Color of an Image?

  • Click “Invert Colors Now”, upload image need to modify.
  • Find the "Adjust" and choose "invert colors" in the left toolbar.
  • After inverting the image, save and download the image.
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