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Create an eye-catching negative image effect for your photos.

Use Fotor's negative image converter to bring you a new negative color experience!

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Make Invert Images with Negative Image Converter in Seconds

Fotor’s image negative converter makes converting images to negative in seconds possible. All you need to do is click the “Invert Colors” button. No professional requirements. Without tedious steps, AI negative image converter directly helps you turn your pictures into negative images. Save your time and effort to the greatest extent. Come and experience the convenience of high-tech AI algorithms! Also, invert photo app is available, allowing you to make photo negative on the go!

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Make a girl negative image

Create a Negative Photo Effect

The negative photo effect makes images amazing with its contrast of colors. Negative picture effects make your photos look retro but extremely trendy. Whether it's for your product ads, social media selfies, or various articles, a cool negative photo effect thrusts your images straight into the spotlight. Get ready to be the next in the spotlight with Fotor image negative converter!

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Make Avant-grade, Unique, and Mysterious Negative Images

Make photo negative can effectively enhance white or gray details in dark areas of an image. The color of the negative image is dominated by a cool tone, creating a cool atmosphere. It protrudes the sense of modern technology and hazy beauty. Show your difference by inverting the colors of various pictures with this unique negative image converter!

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More Photo Filters Make Your Invert Images Aesthetic

After making negative photos, you can perfect your picture by adding photo filters. Fotor provides you with a huge amount of photo effects. There's definitely one that meets your taste! Also, you can adjust the intensity of these filters to find the color and blur effect that best suits your negative photo effect!

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How to Make a Picture Negative

  • Click "Make Negative Image Now" to turn to the negative image converter, and upload the image that you want to edit.
  • Click" Invert Color" on the left menu under Adjust.
  • Download your negative image or share it with your family and friends.
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