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Convert words to images online with Fotor's free AI image generator. Watch your imagination transform into incredible AI art at your fingertips.

Introducing AI Text to Image Generator Online

It's simple to get the perfect images or create stunning visuals with our AI image generator. Dream it, and use text to image online to visualize it. Easily create different AI images for products, characters, and portraits at your fingertips even if it doesn't exist yet.

Type your simple text description and our AI generator lets you create images in seconds. Powered by AI technology, our AI image creator makes it easy to bring imagination to life. The possibilities for creativity are endless!

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AI generate watercolor fairy from text with Fotor AI image generator

Generate AI images in Various Art Styles

Fotor AI art generator offers concept art, realistic, cartoon, sketch, oil painting, digital art, 3D, and more image styles for your AI image generation. Simply enter your text description in Fotor‘s AI photo generator, choose one style and aspect ratio to match your ideas, ask AI to draw, and turn your imagination into one-of-a-kind AI images, including AI paintings, AI drawings, illustrations even NFT artworks. You can download it directly, or edit it for better graphics.

Concept Art
Oil Painting
The illustration style of the night view of Mount Fuji from a distance generated by ai
Corridor in the garden with retro style generated by text to image
At night with a sailboat sailing on the sea generated by fotor ai
Fairy tale castle inside the cup generated by fotor ai
Prompts for generating image in Fotor text to image ai

Best Prompts for Creating Stunning Art

Effective prompts are crucial for image creation from text. Consider using this formula: subject + detailed description + environment + art style + lighting + image quality. For example, "Half body portrait of a beautiful blonde girl in a white dress, in the forest, oil painting art, soft natural lighting, and HD image quality.“

Moreover, the initial prompts carry greater significance. You can add parentheses around keywords to signify an increased value for that specific keyword. For instance, "(horse:1.3), a tiger in art style".

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Create Digital AI Avatars 

Making an avatar has never been easier. Text to image can bring your vision to life. Fotor's image-to-image generator is also available. Use a generated image or upload your own, then select a style or type a prompt, adjust similarity settings, and create various outputs like professional headshots or cartoon AI avatars in seconds. Unlock free account benefits and credits today.

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AI professional Headshot pictures generated from image
Enhance ai generated image with replace the sky in Fotor

All Photo Editing Features of Our Photo Editor

Apart from customizing image style and ratio, Fotor photo editor offers a comprehensive range of photo editing options. Once your image is generated, you can enhance it with various editing tools, including AI upscaling, background removal and replacement for improved visuals, as well as adding captions or graphics from our library to AI images for more effective storytelling.

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Generative AI for All Occasions

01 content creators

For content creators

Generate eye-catching photos from the text in your fingers, and create content faster.

02 For entrepreneurs

For business

Text to image, transform your ideas into real product design and save much time and money in branding promotion.

03 For buddding artists

For artists

Easy to get much inspiration and speed up your artwork creation process.

How to Make AI-Generated Images and Art

Describe what you want in our AI picture generator box directly. Log in and get more free credits to produce AI images.
Choose the aspect ratio, image style such as 3D, oil painting and cartoon, and image number you want. Then, click the "Generate" button to create AI-generated images. 
Or you can upload your preferred image to generate a similar image in the Fotor AI image generator.
Personalize your AI images by clicking the "Edit" button. Upscale image, remove background from image, add text to image to enhance your image.
Download AI pictures and share your perfect AI-generated photos directly. Or use them on Fotor's graphic design projects.

Text to Image AI Generator FAQs

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Turn Text-to-Image with Fotor's Free AI Image Generator

Capture your thoughts and bring your ideas to life with Fotor's AI picture generator from text! Simply input your image keywords in the box or choose from our default text prompts to enrich your image description and get the perfect result. With Fotor's AI photo generator app, creating artistic works is easier than ever before.

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Fotor는 3D, 사실적, 유화, 만화, 일러스트레이션, 사진 등과 같은 다양한 스타일로 예술 작품을 만들 수 있습니다.

Paul Roetzer

Paul Roetzer

CEO of PR 20/20

The best part is that it has also launched an image-to-image AI photo generator. Apart from that, you can define your style including Photography, Conceptual art, Anime, Cartoon, Oil painting and more.

Arjun Sha

Arjun Sha


With its use of machine learning, it provides an efficient and effective way to enhance photos. The AI art generator tool has made photo editing easier and more convenient.



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