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Create lifelike human faces effortlessly with Fotor's AI face generator. Simply enter text prompts or upload a photo, and watch Fotor generate detailed and realistic AI faces for you.

Create Realistic AI Human Faces In Seconds

Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep machine learning, Fotor’s text to image generator lets you create unique and photorealistic human faces from scratch within seconds. Just provide a text description of the face you want to create, such as gender, age, and ethnicity, and Fotor will instantly generate a face portrait of a person that does not exist in the real world for you. Alternatively, you can upload a reference photo to let Fotor generate similar-looking AI faces based on it. Unlock the power of AI to create lifelike faces!

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Create realistic AI generated faces online in seconds with Fotor AI face generator
Customize AI faces with different expression, hairstyles, hair colors, and accessories with Fotor AI human face generator

Tailor-Made AI Faces for Your Specific Needs

With Fotor's AI face generator, you have the power to create human faces that exactly match your preferences. Whether you want to experiment with different hairstyles and hair colors, or customize head poses and skin tones, Fotor has got you covered. You can also add glasses, makeup, or scars for a more personalized look. Creating a fake human face that suits your needs has never been easier!

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Versatile AI Generated Faces for Every Purpose

You don’t have to search for stock photo websites to find the right face portraits. Now you can easily create lifelike human faces that are completely unique with Fotor. Once you have generated the desired faces, you can download them in high quality and use them however you like. Use our AI face generator for inspiration, app and game development, or profile pictures to protect your identity. The possibilities are endless.

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Make AI fake faces for different use cases with Fotor AI face maker
Enhance AI face photos with Fotor easily

Effortless Face Enhancement Using AI

Our AI face generator offers professional-grade face enhancement. With a suite of AI photo editing tools, you can upscale image resolution, remove and change backgrounds, enhance images with better color and details, and many more- all with a single click. Say goodbye to tedious manual editing. Try Fotor out now and experience an unmatched face enhancement with AI.

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A Variety of AI Face Styles to Choose From

With Fotor's AI face generator, you can create more than photorealistic human faces. There are various AI face styles to choose from, from 3D cartoons and concept art to anime, painting, cyberpunk, and beyond. With so many options at your fingertips, you can effortlessly create the AI person of your dreams. Select a preferred art style to get started right away!

Concept Art
3D female character portrait made by Fotor AI
3D male character portrait made by Fotor AI face generator
3D cute cartoon girl face portrait made by Fotor
3D cute cartoon boy face portrait made by Fotor AI face generator

It's More Than Just Generating Fake Faces

There's more to Fotor than just making AI faces. With Fotor, you can create lifelike full-body human pictures, generate AI headshots, swap faces in photos, and more. Additionally, Fotor allows you to generate various AI images- landscapes, animal photos, illustrations, cartoon characters, anime art, and much more. You don't need a paintbrush or design skills to create beautiful artwork with Fotor.

AI generated future buildings

Why Choose Our AI Face Maker?

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Easy and Fast to Use

Effortlessly generate an AI man, AI woman, and AI baby online within seconds. No technical skills are needed at all.

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High-Quality Results

Powered by state-of-the-art technology, our AI face generator delivers high-resolution, detailed, and realistic AI face renderings.

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Easy Face Customization

A range of customizable options to edit faces to your exact specifications- expression, skin tone, hairstyle & hair color, accessories, and more.

How to Make a Face With AI?

With Fotor’s AI face generator from text, you can create photorealistic faces in 4 simple steps. Firstly, enter the text prompts to describe what kind of face photos you want, such as gender, age, and facial details.
Then click the "Generate" button, and Fotor will automatically create a realistic face picture for you in seconds. If you are not satisfied with the generated face photo, click the "Generate" button or change the text prompts to generate a new one.
You can also change the image generation styles. There are various styles, such as 3D, illustration, anime, oil painting and more. Pick the one you like best.
After you have generated the face you want, click the "Download" button on the right corner to save it. It’s that easy!

Tips for Using Fotor's Free Online AI Face Generator

Create a unique and highly realistic face image just by describing it. The more detailed and specific your text prompts are, the better your results will be. Here are some examples:

A photo of a beautiful woman with long blond hair and earrings
Woman, perfect face, long blond hair, wearing earrings, photo style
Illustration of a cute little boy with blue eyes in high definition
Cute little boy, blue eyes, illustration, high definition

AI Face Generator App on the Go

Dive into a seamless AI face-generating experience. Download the Fotor AI face generator app to create images anywhere, anytime.

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