Easily Add Glasses to Photo Online Free

Add glasses to photo easily with Fotor’s online free photo editor. Loads of stunning, cute, funny, or realistic fake glasses stickers meet all your creative ideas.

Add funny glasses to people
Add glasses to child and glasses templates

Various Glasses Styles You Can Choose to Make Your Glass Images

Fotor offers a quick and straightforward solution to add glasses to your photos. There is a wide range of different types of glasses in Fotor’s element library. Not only realistic fake glasses, sunglasses, funny goggles glasses, and a whole range of other types of glasses are all available for you to choose from.

Add suitable eyeglasses to your photos with Fotor in minutes to match your overall style and create an unforgettable memory.

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Add glasses to child and dog

Make More Fun With Eye Glasses Picture

Get more fun and usage by adding glasses to your photos. Add glasses to decorate for fun, or add glasses to make people look more professional, etc.

Add glasses to your pet or kids to bring them interesting looks. It will bring some fun to the humdrum life through the picture of glasses. Add realistic glasses of various styles to your costumes to make your photos stunning.

Add Glasses to Photo Now
Add glasses to woman on cellphone

Experience the Portable Glasses Photo Editor App

Fotor's photo editor app supports making pictures of glasses quickly on a cell phone. Now you can start making your eyeglasses photos anytime and anywhere, regardless of space and geographical restrictions.

It's just as easy to edit on mobile as online, and your account and creation traces are synchronized after you've logged in. You can experience Fotor's innovative interactive platform for free.

Add Glasses to Photo Now
Add sticker hat and filter to dog glasses image

More Than Just Put Glasses on Your Picture

Add glasses to your photos and more with Fotor. Adding glasses to your photos is just one of the many free features Fotor offers. With Fotor, you can also add Santa hat to photo to create eye-catching creations.

Add Glasses to Photo Now
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How Add Glasses to Photo?

  • Click on the “Add Glasses to Photo Now” button to get started.
  • Drag and drop or upload the photos to which you want to add glasses.
  • Find the “Elements” in the left dashboard, type “Glasses” in the search box, and you can see lots of glaasses stickers for photos there.
  • Choose one glasses sticker that you like. Manage the size, color, position, and transparency of the glasses sticker as needed.
  • That's it! Preview and download your eyeglasses pictures.
Add Glasses to Photo Now