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Instantly add realistic glasses to photo with AI online in 5 seconds. Enhance your photos and give them a stylish touch with our free online glasses photo editor.

Add glasses to photo with AI online for free using Fotor glasses photo editor
Add realistic glasses to photo online with Fotor AI

Add Glasses to Photo With AI in Seconds

It takes just seconds to add eye glasses to photos. Simply upload your photo, select a pair of glasses you want to add, and AI will seamlessly add realistic glasses to your photo in no time. You won't even need to manually adjust the size or position of the glasses. Using advanced facial recognition technology, Fotor automatically analyzes your face and makes the glasses fit perfectly for a natural, realistic look! Upload your photo to experience the magic for yourself.

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Virtual try on sunglasses, goggles, aviators and a variety of different glasses with ease using Fotor

Virtual Try on Different Glasses Online to Quickly Find Your Perfect Spectacles

Our AI glasses photo generator offers a wide range of spectacle options. Whether you’re looking to add sunglasses, goggles, aviators, cat-eye glasses, rimless or rimless glasses, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to experiment with different spectacles and frames to see what glasses suit your face best. Try it out to discover how different glasses can completely transform your look.

Add Glasses to Photo Now
Add sunglasses to photo on iPhone using Fotor

Seamless Put Glasses on a Picture on the Go

Fotor doesn't just stop at your computer! Enjoy the same effortless virtual try-on experience with our mobile app. Add a touch of elegance with sunglasses on the beach pic, or find the perfect frames for your next outfit - all from your phone. Available on iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices, Fotor puts the power of eyewear exploration right at your fingertips. Enjoy and have fun with glasses on photos!

Add Glasses to Photo Now

Why Choose Fotor Glasses Photo Editor

Free and easy icon

Free & Easy

Add glasses to photos with AI in a single click. Instantly try on sunglasses on your face.

AI face recognition technology icon

AI Face Recognition

Our AI technology will analyze your face shape and size, making glasses fit naturally on your face for a realistic look.

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Various Spectacles for Everyone

Explore our vast collection of glasses for men, women, and kids - with styles and colors to suit every face shape, personal taste, and occasion!

Fotor glasses photo editor interface

How to Add Glasses to Photo?

  • You can instantly add realistic glasses to photos online using Fotor. Firstly, upload a photo you want to add glasses.
  • Choose a pair of glasses you like, and AI will automatically add it to your photo in seconds.
  • Download your photo with glasses in high-quality JPG or PNG format and share it for free.
Add Glasses to Photo Now

The Easiest Way to Add Glasses to Photo

Add Glasses to Photo Now