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One click automatic photo enhancement using Fotor AI photo editor

One-Click Perfection: AI-Powered Automatic Photo Editor

You don't have to manually adjust various settings and parameters in complex software to edit photos. Our AI-powered automatic photo editor streamlines the whole editing process. With just a single click, AI will analyze the image, identify areas for improvement, and apply appropriate enhancements automatically. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual edits and let our AI handle your photo editing needs efficiently and effectively.

Edit Photo with AI
remove and change a pair of white and brown headphone background with AI photo eidtor

Remove and Change Backgrounds Instantly

Find your images ruined by the cluttered and messy backgrounds? Or tired of wasting time manually and repeatedly removing complex backgrounds using complicated software? Our AI-powered photo editor gives automatic access to remove background from images with just 1 click. It uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm that can detect the photo subjects and automatically make the background transparent in an instant. Surprisingly, it’s easy to swap with aesthetic backgrounds or customize unique AI backgrounds for your images using our one-stop background changer.

Remove Background with AI
brush over and erase four passers-by on the beach using magic eraser

Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos with Ease

Liberate your hands from manual object removal with the AI-based photo eraser from Fotor. Whether it’s a photobomber or distraction in any part of your images, our AI object remover is ready to assist you in getting rid of unwanted objects. Just brush over them, and our magic image easer will do the rest precisely and accurately in a flash. Our AI pictures editor simplifies and automates your time-consuming work of removing people, text, date, and any other unwanted objects from images.

Remove Unwanted Objects
Auto edit photo using text instruction with Fotor AI photo editor

Effortless AI Photo Editing Using Text Commands

No photo editing skills? No problem! Our AI photo editor revolutionizes your photo editing experience. You can now effortlessly edit photos with text instructions. Just type in how you would like to make changes and edit your photos, and Fotor AI will do the job. It’s just like speaking to a human photo editor! Say goodbye to complicated editing software. Use Fotor as your personal photo editing assistant.

Edit Photo with AI
Generate custom AI images from text prompts

Turn Text Into Captivating Images With AI

With just a few text descriptions, you can now effortlessly transform your ideas into visually captivating AI images. From illustrations and 3D renders to realistic photographs and paintings, you can create custom images and artwork for a wide range of purposes in seconds. Explore the endless possibilities of text to image transformation with Fotor AI image editor.

Create Image with AI
upscale a portrait of a man with curly hair in yellow shirt with AI upscaler

AI Upscaling to Increase Image Resolution

Need to convert small and blurry images into high-resolution ones? Let Fotor AI photo editing software make it effortlessly. Our AI image upscaler automates your manual complex photo editing tasks quickly and outputs impressive results. Whether you want to enlarge your product photos for e-commerce or convert anime pictures into 4K images, you’ll be covered. Best of all, Fotor increases image resolution without sacrificing image quality. Smart photo upscaling is simple and hassle-free using our AI picture editor!

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enhance the blurry and dark female holding her glasses portrait in AI enhancer tool

Powerfully Enhance Image Quality with 1 Click

Struggling with overexposed or underexposed images? Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adjusting various settings and parameters to correct them. Let our AI-powered automatic photo editor handle it for you. Just upload your image to our advanced free AI photo enhancer, our auto tool will detect, analyze, and fix every imperfection instantly. Watch our AI image fixer from the magic photo editor automatically sharpen images, and correct brightness, lighting, color, sharpness, and photo clarity in less than 1 second!

Edit Photo with AI
Ask AI to change object in photo automatically

Edit and Recreate with AI Replacer

Desire to unleash your creativity while having no experience using complicated photo software? Now ease yourself and let your imagination go wild with Fotor’s AI photo editor online free. Use our exclusive AI replacer, one of our powerful magic tools driven by cutting-edge AI image inpainting technology, to add, replace, or swap with anything creative. Integrated with advanced AI technology, our AI changer can easily understand your input prompts and transform your photos. From sky replacement to face swap, our AI image replacer handles them beautifully within a few seconds!

Use AI Image Replacer
extend female in orange suit standing in the tulip bushes using AI expander

Go Beyond with AI Image Extender

Explore the infinity of your images and unveil magic results with our free AI photo editor online. Upload, slide the toolbar to customize the canvas size, and see our AI image extender fill your image with scenes that correspond with the existing content. Supported by powerful image outpainting technology, our AI image filler expands and recovers your image content that goes beyond the frames and borders.

Expand Image with AI
retouch female face and fix blemishes in AI portrait editor

Easy Portrait Editing and Retouching with AI

Face retouching has never been so easy with Fotor’s AI picture editor. Just upload your portrait to our AI face editor, and our AI face enhancement tool will automatically detect the face and reveal your beauty by fixing your blurry face and retouching it. In a matter of seconds, you will have a flawless and studio-quality portrait photo. Experience the convenience of AI photo retouching and effortless portrait enhancement with Fotor.

Edit Photo with AI
colorize a mother holding her girl old black and white photo

AI Restoration and Colorizing Photo

With Fotor AI image editor, you can now effortlessly restore your old photo which is faded, scratched, and even damaged. Fotor employs advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to detect blemishes and scratches in your images, fixing them in seconds, and even colorizing the black-and-white photos. Plus, this powerful AI image editing tool can remove blur from image, and enhance clarity and quality in an instant. Experience the amazing AI photo restoration technology and bring your old photos back to life!

Make AI Auto Edit
use ai batch photo editor to crop and edit three male protraits at once

Work Faster with Batch AI Photo Editor

Need to speed up workflow when facing a pile of photos? Instead of editing images one by one, use our auto photo editor to apply AI photo manipulation to all of your files at once, even up to 50. Let AI edit photo online to boost efficiency whenever you need. You can batch crop, resize, add watermark, convert image format, compress images, and more- all in one go! Get more done in less time using our AI-based batch photo editor.

Batch Edit Photos with AI
Use fotor ai photo editor to replace sky to sunset

How to Edit Photos with AI?

  • Click the "Edit Photo with AI" button to upload your image to our AI photo editor.
  • Choose from our AI image editing tools available on the left menu bar and start your editing.
  • You can remove image background with AI BG remover, remove unwanted objects with Magic eraser, add or replace elements with AI replacer, expand image with AI image extender, and more.
  • 4.When you are satisfied, you can further edit your image as needed or download your image to share with people.
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