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Use our drawing tool to draw on your image, creating pictures with your own doodles style.

Draw a girl on image with fotor
Draw on the photo of cherries

Easy to Use Photo Drawing Editor

Fotor's image drawer online has built-in different brushes sizes, colors, and styles. Whether you want to create a funny image by adding doodles or make a well-designed picture by creative drawing, our tool provides you with everything you need to draw on photos.

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Draw glasses and mustache on girl picture

Make Funny Pictures by Drawing on Image

Adding doodles to your photos, such as glasses mustache, etc., can make your photos very interesting and catch everyone's eyes at once. Draw on your photos and create your own unique finish.

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Draw background on the girls picture to create a special design

Draw on Photo to Add Specific Designs to Your Picture

Hand-drawn is rich in lines and can add artistry to photos. At the same time, by smearing with a textured pen, the photo can be more layered and more designed overall. Draw on your pictures and design attractive photos.

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Add handwritten words to photos with drawing tool

Add Handwritten Words to Photos with Drawing Tool

Add special text or letters to your photos to give them a strong personal touch. Make your photos unique by handwriting text on your photos with our drawing tool.

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Draw special graphics on the picture with fotor

How Can I Draw on Image Online?

  • Click the "Draw on Image Now" button on this page to turn to our editing page.
  • Drag your picture into our photo drawing editor, or click "Open Image" to upload the photo you want to add drawing.
  • Select a pencil or paint brush, and change the size and color of them.
  • Drag your mouse across your image to create lines, patterns, and words.
  • When you finish it, click "Apply". Download your photo in JPG or PNG format.
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