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Annotate image for free with Fotor’s online annotation tool to highlight the important parts.

Our image annotator helps you directly convey crucial messages through photo markup.

Change the font style and font color when adding text to a photo with fotor annotation tool
Add a birthday hat to the girl in the middle to annotate the image

Easy and Fast Online Annotation Tool

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to annotate image, Fotor is a perfect tool for you. With our easy-to-use interface, anyone can quickly add picture annotation in just seconds.

Whether you need to highlight important details, add explanatory notes, or draw attention to specific areas, our online annotation tool has got you covered. Try Fotor today and see how easy it is to annotate images.

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Add text and bubble to a cake image with fotor annotation tool

Annotate Image by Adding Abundant Elements

Our annotation tool online provides a variety of photo markup options to choose from, and you can easily find the perfect match for your image. You can shape image into custom shapes like squares, circles, and triangles to highlight the main part. Or add stickers to make your image vivid and interesting. And you can also add text to convey certain information. Or simply, just add arrows to point to a specific direction.

Annotate Image Now
Add the same text to 4 images at once with fotor annotation tool online

Batch Annotate Images at Once

Find it troublesome to annotate multiple images one by one? There is a quick way to help you out. The photo markup tool of Fotor allows you to annotate a batch of images at a time. It’s easy to do: Upload a group of images and enter the text, then your desired caption will be added to all your pictures simultaneously. It’s incredibly efficient when you have multiple images to annotate.

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Add frames to two photos and quickly share them on instagram and facebook

Quickly Share Annotated Images on Social Media

With our online annotation tool, you can rapidly share your annotated images on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Download your annotated images in a high-quality JPG or PNG format to instantly post them on social media, or share them with friends by messages and email.

Annotate Image Now
Easily add text and stickers to a photo on mobile and desktop

Annotate Image Anywhere and Any Time

With Fotor, annotating pictures at your fingertips is just a breeze! No device restriction. Fotor image annotator is available to all the mobile, desktop devices, and web browsers. You can choose to install the Fotor image annotation app on Android, iOS, or just open the browser to annotate image. Fotor makes it convenient to markup images anywhere and any time.

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Use photo editing tools like corpping resizing and adjust the girl image brightness and color

More Than Just an Picture Annotation Tool

In addition to annotating a picture, Fotor provides multi-functional tools to edit your image. You can crop, resize an image to suit specific needs. Further, you can brighten your image with our automatic photo enhancement tool, or blur background and remove objects to make your subject stand out. No matter what effect you intend to achieve, Fotor can make it.

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Add flower stikcers to a girls poster

How to Annotate a Picture?

  • Click the “Annotate Image Now” button to get started. Upload the image you want to annotate to Fotor.
  • Then annotate image by adding elements like stickers, text, icons, and shapes to highlight the essential part and provide special information.
  • Once you’ve finished annotating a picture, save and download it in a high-quality JPG or PNG format. Or share it to social media platforms with just one click.
Annotate Image Now

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