Create Unique Birthday Wishes With Name and Photo

Craft a unique greeting card that integrates the recipient's name and photo to make the birthday wishes more personalized and heartfelt. Choose from an array of preset birthday card templates and feel free to customize.

Make birthday wishes with name and photo on fotor

Make Birthday Wishes for Everyone on Your List

Make a gray pink birthday card for friends using fotor birthday card maker

For Friends:

Make heartfelt birthday wishes for your friends with a personalized birthday greeting card. Showcase the shared moments and cherished memories to give them an unforgettable birthday celebration.

Make an orange mothers birthday wishes card on fotor

For Parents:

Design a thoughtful and personalized birthday card for your parents to express your sincere wishes and love to them.

Make a yellow birthday card for kids on fotor

For Children:

Brighten up your little one's special day with a fun-filled, customized birthday card featuring their favorite characters, interests, together with your wishes.

Make a vintage rose birthday card for wife using fotor birthday card maker

For Lover:

Craft a romantic birthday card for your significant other to record your love story and enhance the meaningfulness of his/her big day.

Make a green blossom birthday card using fotor birthday card maker

For Colleagues:

Create a professional yet warm birthday card for your colleagues that incorporates their name and a memorable workplace photograph.

Make a green birthday card for your teacher using fotor birthday card maker

For Teachers:

Design a birthday card for your favorite teachers to show your gratitude for the love and care they give you.

DIY Birthday Cards: Making Memories with Custom Creations

Drag and drop a birthday photo into a birthday card template on fotor

Start the Birthday Card Design With Your Photo

Get started to make a birthday card by selecting a photo of the recipient. This could be a photograph of a shared happy moment or one of their most captivating snapshots. Upload your photo, drag and drop it to the preset template. Then click on the image to adjust its composition to match the overall layout.

Add name and birthday wishes to a little girl birthday photo

Add Name and Birthday Wishes to Make it Unique and Personalized

Don't just rely on the traditional birthday wishes, our birthday wishes with name and photo tool can do more: upload your photo, add name and birthday wishes for further customizations. Our tool has a built-in text option, allowing you to effortlessly add text to image with stylish fonts. Also, you can adjust the text color, size, transparency, alignment to fit in.

Add a pink heart birthday photo frame to a woman photo

Decorate Your Photos With Fancy Birthday Photo Frames

If you don't like the preset birthday card design, you can craft your own birthday wishes photos with preferred birthday frames. Choose from cute birthday cake photo frames, pink heart photo frames, to aesthetic or minimalist photo frames, etc. Experiment with a variety of photo frame styles and colors to maximize your birthday photo designs.

Share birthday wishes with name and photo on social media

Fun to Share Your Birthday Greetings on Social Media

Once you have made perfect birthday wishes with name and photo, it's time to share this heartfelt creation with your loved ones. You can instantly spread the joy on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other social media platform.

Whether you're sharing the birthday greeting in a private message or posting it publicly, it's sure to surprise and please the person upon clicking.


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