How to Remove Background from Image on iPhone & iPad with iOS 16

Summary: This is a post on how to remove background from image on iPhone and iPad with iOS 16, including in the Photos, Files, Safari, and a third-party App.

Are you still worried about how to remove picture backgrounds on your iPhone? Now you don't have to, because with the release of Apple's latest iOS 16, many aspects of the system have been improved a lot. The newly launched image cutout feature of images is also its most notable feature.

In this blog, we will share with you how to remove background from image on iPhone and iPad in case of upgrading to iOS16. Besides that, you can also explore more playful aspects of the images after cutting background. Let's get started!

How to Remove Background From Image in Photos

remove image background in iPhone Photos APP with iOS 16

Once you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 16, you can use the inbuilt picture background remover to remove background from image for free directly in Photos. Follow the tutorials below to know how to erase background in Photo App now.

1. First of all, you can open Photos to remove photo background to find the photo you want to crop out the background.

2. Press and hold the part of the picture you want to keep and wait for the background eraser in your iPhone or iPad to automatically separate your subject from the background.

3. You can observe whether the aperture appears to completely enclose the subject of the picture. If so, the background of the picture is already in the state of removal at this time. If not, wait for the wanted part of the picture to get rid of the background.

4. When you finish removing the background, you can move your finger away. At this point, a pop-up window of "Copy and Share" will appear, where you can share the latest transparent image to others or copy it to other software for further editing.

How to Remove Background from Image Using Online Background Remover on Your iPhone

remove image backgroun using fotor online bg remover tool for ios

Without any complicated opertaion, you can delete image background right here by clicking the button on the screen here to open our online background remover widget tool. Then, you can see our online background remover for iOS users on the screen.

Here's how to use Fotor's online BG remover tool for iPhone and iPad users: 

1. First of all, click the "Remove Background for Free" button on the page to open our tool. Next, click the "Upload Image" button to select your pictures from Photos or Files. 

2. Choose the image that you want to get rid of image backgrounds.

3. Instantly, our background remover tool will automatically detect and erase background from images within a few seconds. 

4. Then, you can start to customize your transparent image as needed. You can use our pre-set background changer to swap background with solid colors, or you can use the AI Backgrounds tool to create your own stylish backgrounds.

5. Also, all the other background-related tools available are ready to take your image to next level.

6. Then, you can click the ‘Download" button on the screen to save and apply your images.

How to Remove the Background of a Picture in Background Remover App - Fotor

Fotor app

Offer more advanced photo-editing features, such as One-click enhance, HSL, Color balance, and Dehaze.

Various creative design templates with themes, covering different kinds of occasions.

Rich in elements and resources, more than 100 stylish effects and filters, updated weekly.

Get Fotor App Now

Sometimes you may find it troublesome to copy the transparent images made in iPhone or iPad to other photo editing apps to change background color or use it as material for new images, which iPhone does not support.

You can use Fotor's background remover app on your iPhone or iPad to help you remove backgrounds and make new edits or designs in one place. The operation in Fotor app to remove image background is very simple, keep reading to find out how to do it.

remove background from girl portrait image with fotor app

1. Download and install Fotor app for iOS, register and login to use the background remover.

2. Find the AI Cutout section on the home page and tap into Background Remover. Follow the instructions to choose a photo and start your background removal operation.

3. Fotor's background cutout tool will immediately turn your image into a transparent image so that you can continue editing it. Be aware of the fact that the place of image subject can be changed or zoomed in and out with two fingers.

4. Fotor provides three options for you to change the image background color. You can directly use the default color palette, use your own image as the new background, or use the image provided by Fotor.

5. You can also change the size of the image directly, which means you don't have to resize the image on purpose. Fotor provides you with a variety of sizes to choose from to meet your different scenarios.

6. Click "√" at the bottom right corner of the screen, you can save the image directly or continue to edit it according to your needs.

How to Remove Background From Picture in Files

Besides the Photos app to remove background, you are also free to obtain the image with white background on iPhone in the Files App. Keep reading to discover how.

1. Open your Files app and find out the file that you want to process to transparent image. No matter what the image format is, iPhone’s background remover tool can cut out the background in a few seconds.

2. Tap and press the file until the pop-up window appears. If your picture is in accordance with the rules of iPhone's background eraser, you can quickly find the "Quick Actions" option in the pop-up window, there will be a magic-wand-like tool icon next to it.

3. Tap on "Quick Actions", there are many options here, just click on "Remove Background" at the bottom. Wait for a few seconds and your file will have a transparent background.

4. Finally you can apply your file with transparent background to where you need it.

How to Remove Background From Image in Safari

You may not expect to be able to remove backgrounds from images searched in Safari using the background removing tool that comes with your iPhone or iPad. This new feature makes it easy for many people to remove the background from images on iPhone they see on the web to use.

1. First, search for a photo in Safari, and then tap and hold it for a second or two. There will be a pop-up window appear.

2. Find "Copy Subject" in the pop-up window, then iPhone's background remover will automatically separate the subject and background of the image and remove the background.

3. Then you can paste the background-removed photo into other applications.


In this blog, we share for you how to remove backgrounds from pictures using the software that comes with your iPhone or iPad, as long as you upgrade your device to iOS 16 and higher. You can remove backgrounds directly in Photos, Files and Safari, and the created transparent images can be shared or used in other apps. You can also use the Fotor app for iOS to remove backgrounds and do more image editing in one place.