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Create a fabulous vision board with Fotor's online vision board maker. Free to stay motivated by your visualised goals and dreams!

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Visualize and Clarify Dreams with a Vision Board Maker Online

Visualize your dreams to remind you of what you should do and leads you to where you are heading for. Making a vision drives you to figure out dreams and goals and avoid being distracted. Start to create a vision board online to clarify what goals you want to achieve with Fotor's vision board maker online now!

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Motivate Yourself with a Vision Board Wallpaper

Everybody checks their cellphone, so it is helpful to get inspirational vision boards as wallpapers. A virtual vision board wallpaper inspires you with the vision for the life you want to create.

Make a vision board wallpaper to bring you closer to your dreams with Fotor's vision board generator now. Simply upload your images to Fotor's beautiful vision board template, customize it by entering text and adding stickers to photos, and then set them as your wallpaper with a few steps!

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Various Vision Board Templates to Choose From

Fotor provides you with multiple options to DIY your personal vision board. With the online vision board generator, you are free to design an online collage vision board with plentiful vision board templates, text fonts and stickers. From aesthetic vision board to business vision board, Fotor's vision board creator allows you to unleash your creativity. Just drag and drop your images to create a free vision board online with Fotor's vision board maker now!

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Best Free Vision Board App for iOS and Android

Fotor's vision board maker is available on phone. With the best vision board app for iOS and Android, you can DIY a vision board anytime and anywhere. Just download and log into the best app for the vision boards to make one and share it online now!

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How to Create a Vision Board

  • Click on the "Make Vision Board Online" button to get started.
  • Firstly, pick a vision board template that you like in Fotor's vision board maker. Fotor offers various templates with different sizes for you to choose from. Just start creating a vision board with a nice template.
  • Then, you can upload your images as the design materials. If you don't have proper images, you can choose some from Fotor's exquisite design materials.
  • Next, enter your text for every image. You can adjust the text fonts and colours as needed. Besides, you can slide the text transparency to achieve the best visual effect.
  • Moreover, add stickers to photos or apply a fabulous filter&effect to customize your vision board design.
  • Download your personal vision board. You can set it as your wallpaper or share it online.
Make Vision Board Online

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