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Combine PNG images online with our free PNG merger. Choose a preset grid or collage template, and customize your merged PNG images to produce unique designs with Fotor.

Combine 4 girl png images into one collage with fotor png merger
use fotor png merger to merge 3 girl images vertically and horizontally

Combine PNG Files into One Horizontally or Vertically

Combine your two of more PNG images horizontally or vertically to create stunning visual effects. Fotor’s PNG merger simplifies the image combination process.With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly merge PNG files. Fotor allows you to freely adjust the order of PNG images to determine the layout. Our photo stitcher enables you to merge PNG images either horizontally or vertically to suit personalized aesthetic pursuits.

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Blend 4 girl png images into a collage in fotor

Effortlessly Combine PNGs into a Collage

In addition to simply combining PNG files horizontally and vertically, Fotor PNG merger also provides collage service. With our user-friendly interface and delicate design, you can easily and quickly make a photo collage to your liking.

There are many preset collage templates in Fotor, whether a Christmas collage, a Halloween collage, or a wedding collage, choose one you like and easily drag and drop your PNG images into the template. Wait a second, you can get a fancy and artistic photo collage. No tough steps, the whole process is easy and fast!

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use fotor photo grids to put 4 nature pngs in one picture

Merge PNG Files with Abundant Layout and Grids

The multi-functional PNG merger of Fotor provides users with a wide range of photo grids and layout options to merge PNG images creatively. Whether you prefer a single frame to easily merge two images, a heart-shaped photo collage, or a simple photo grid, you can find your desired PNG combination methods in Fotor.

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Use fotor to apply filter and change background color and add text to a girl holding a surfboard image

Freely Customize Merged PNG Images to Perfection

Our PNG merger is more than a photo combination tool. It allows you to customize the merged PNG images to suit your taste. You can add text to images to convey certain information, change the background of your photo grid, or apply filters & effects to level up your PNG images. More photo editing toolkits are waiting for you to discover. Try now to give your PNG design a creative flair!

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Use fotor png merger to combine 3 images into one

How to Merge PNG Files?

  • Click the “Merge PNG Now” button to switch to our PNG merger.
  • Choose the photo grids or collage templates you like, and drag and drop all your PNG files.
  • Then you can customize the merged PNG as needed, including changing image backgrounds, adding stickers or text, and applying photo effects and filters.
  • Preview and download your merged PNG file.
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