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Merge PNG images online using our free PNG combiner. Combine multiple PNG pictures to produce unique layouts & designs with Fotor.

Combine four png images into one with fotor png combiner
Combine multiple png files into one photo with fotor png combiner

Simple Drag-and Drop PNG Combiner at Your Fingertips

Merge two or more PNG images in the same design to captivate your audience’s attention. Online PNG combiner of Fotor simplifies such process and offers a hassle-free user experience with their simple drag-and-drop functionality. Just select a suitable layout and effortlessly drag your desired images into the layout, and voilà! Our image combiner will automatically align and adjust the images to fit the chosen layout. Within moments, your PNG files are combined into a single image, ready to be downloaded or further customized.

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Various photo grids and layouts in fotor png combiner

Merge PNG Images with Various Layout and Grids

The versatile PNG combiner in Fotor provides users with a range of photo grids and layout options to merge their PNG files creatively. Whether you prefer a straightforward linear arrangement, an artistic mosaic, a heat-shaped collage or a dynamic grid layout, the combiner allows you to choose the one that best suits your vision. Our image merger ensures that you can create unique compositions tailored to the specific requirements of your project, be it a social media post, a presentation, a personal photo album or a sibe by side photo. Enjoy the exciting photo merge experience with Fotor image combiner!

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Customize the combines photo with fotor png combiner

Freely Customize Combined Images to Perfection

Online PNG combiner in Fotor doesn’t stop at merely merging your PNG files. It offers additional customization features to fine-tune your combined images to perfection. Adjust the spacing between images, add icons, borders, apply filters or effects, and even modify the background color to enhance the overall aesthetics of your composition. With these easy-to-use editing tools in PNG merger, you can give your combined PNG picture that extra touch of creativity, elevating it from a simple amalgamation to a visually striking masterpiece.

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Merge different png images to make collage with fotor png combiner

Combine Multiple PNG Images into A Collage

Make a photo collage by combining multiple PNG pictures together with Fotor's image combiner! It allows you to bring together multiple PNG files, arranging them seamlessly into a single collage. There are various ready-to-use photo collage templates to choose from. Whether you're crafting a collage of memorable moments for a birthday celebration, showcasing a portfolio of your creative work, or compiling product images for an online store, the PNG combiner facilitates the process with its intuitive interface and array of customization options.

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Combine three png images in fotor png combiner

How to Combine PNG Files?

  • Click the button "Combine PNG Now" to get started. Then click "Add Photos" to upload the PNG files you want to combine. Fotor will automatically combine photos using the default collage template.
  • Choose one of the premade layouts and collage templates for combining photos. Fotor's collage maker will immediately replace the original default template with the new one.
  • You can rearrange the position and layout of your photos, adjust the spacing and colors of the borders, add icons, texts and stickers, apply photo effects and more.
  • After merging PNG pictures, save and download the combined image as a JPG, PNG or PDF file.
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Combine PNG Images Online with Fotor's Image Combiner

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