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Fotor's online free image zoom tool provides the best experience to zoom various types of images. Add image to zoom with Fotor can easily focus on the detail of the image and highlight the subject instantly.

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Image Zoomer Showcases Product Details

Image Zoomer overcomes the problem of not having enough screen space to display product details. Fotor's free image zoom tool allows to zoom pictures in up to 400% and easily view different areas of a photo without compressing the quality of the image.

Smoothly zoom in and out of images without waiting after loading images in Fotor's free online image zoomer.

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Zoom a map in and add stickers

Image Zoomer Perfect for Highlight the Subject

The image zoomer is perfect for highlighting a subject in an image, enlarging the object to be marked, and then marking it to facilitate precise target selection.

Fotor's photo zoom tool allows to zoom images in any size with one click! Zoom images instantly using Fotor's free online photo zoomer now!

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Convert female imge into different filters with fotor

Customize Image with Filter&Sticker

Besides simply viewing the details of the picture, the image zoomer usually works with other photo editing tools. Fotor's free online image zoomer is not only limited to add photo to zoom but also provides other image editing tools, such as adding some stickers to the zoomed part of the image, adding some photo effect to the photo, crop image, etc.

Fotor allows personalizing photos without any professional image editing skills. Just a few simple steps to get a satisfactory picture with Fotor.

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How to Zoom Image in Fotor?

  • You can zoom an image quickly and easily. Click "Zoom Image Now" and upload an image you want to zoom.
  • Find the "AI Enlarger" tool in the left tool menu and apply it. Fotor will retouch your image and increase its resolution in seconds. You can swipe the comparison icon in the canvas to see a before and after comparison.
  • Choose other tools in the left toolbar if you want to edit the image further.
  • Finally, click "Apply" to apply your changes and download your image.
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