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Create a special participation certificate to award and encourage attendees of club, class, and team events. With our pre-set certificate of participation template and design elements, customize your certificate of participation in no time.

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Pre-designed Participation Certificate Template for You

An Easier Way to Certificate of Participation

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Customize certificate of participation with rich elements

Customize Participation Certificates with Rich Elements

By customizing your certificate for participation, produce a design that stands out. Fotor's participation certificate maker provides a large number of design elements, including stickers, fonts, borders, and background colors. Using them, you can make any design creation you wish. Now inspire your creativity and imagination.

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Encourage People with Certificate of Participation

Encourage participation with a distinctive participation certificate. No special prizes are required, just a certificate of participation can give participants a strong sense of honor. Quickly use Fotor to design a certificate for participation to motivate more people to participate in organizations or activities.

Create Your Certificate of Participation Now

How do you Get a Certificate of Participation?

  • Click the "Create Your Certificate of Participation Now" button to get started.
  • Find and click "All Templates" to choose "Certificate" layout, and browse “certificate of participation”.
  • Choose one to get started. Customize it by changing color and fonts, adding stickers and icons, and replacing text.
  • After you've finished your certificate of participation design, click "Download" to save.
Create Your Certificate of Participation Now

Participation Certificate FAQs

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