Printable Work Experience Certificates

A good work experience certificate can add brilliance to your resume and impress employees when you are hunting a job.

Everyone wishes to have the best experience certificate format which is easy to design and print. Fotor’s work experience certificate can meet your demands.

Now, simply choose an experience certificate and design with Fotor’s professional tool.

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Create an Experience Certificate to Show the Skills

An experience certificate can show your ability and skills and give you some points when you hunt for a job. You can also design an experience certificate to award your employees for their loyalty and service to the company. Thus they will be encouraged to work harder in the company and bring more benefits. After you choose an experience certificate and design with Fotor’s tool, customize it by changing the background, color, and fonts and adding the company logo. In just a few minutes, a brilliant certificate is finished, which can be printed to award the employees.

Make an Experience Certificate
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How to create an experience certificate on Fotor?

  • Open the Fotor Designer and browse all the size or search with the keywords to find the “Certificate” layout.
  • Enter the keyword “experience” in the search box to find all the experience certificates and choose one from them.
  • Add some important information about your work experience in the company.
  • Upload your company’s logo to make your work experience certificate more professional.
  • Customize your experience certificate with features, like elements, text combination, colors, backgrounds, and so much more.
  • Review and save your work, or you can share it directly to social media.
Make an Experience Certificate