Free Printable Certificate of Completion Templates

Fotor's certificate maker provides styles of free certificate of completion templates for you to choose from. Create the completion certificate with Fotor instantly and print it out!

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Easy-to-use Certificate Maker

Fotor makes it easy for you to create and customize the certificate of completion without any Photoshop skills. Just browse the certificate templates and choose one that fits your theme or certificate, and edit the licensee name and other elements in the certificate of completion. You will get an official and professional certificate in minutes.

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Certificate of Completion Templates

You don't have to start from scratch if you have no idea about how to design a certificate of completion. Fotor provides you with a library of professionally designed certificate templates to get you started or make your bespoke certificate. All of the completion certificate templates can be customized to fit any theme, whether you want to make a certificate of completion for construction or training. Simply select a certificate template to your liking and click to edit and customize it now!

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Customize with the Editable Certificate Templates

Explore the professional editable certificate templates to get your creativity running. With Fotor's certificate maker, you can easily change backgrounds and colors, insert curved text, add a badge sticker to show recognition to the grantor, and add a frame to the certificate to make it look more prestige. Theme your designs with Fotor, and take your certificate of completion to the next level in minutes.

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Reward Achievements with a Completion Certificate

A certificate is a valuable way to showcase someone's accomplishments and prove that they have worked hard in a particular field. Powerful certificates such as certificates of completion, award certificate, and experience certificate recognize people's experience and skills. Now, work with Fotor's certificate creators to make a valuable training certificate of completion to show recognition to those who deserve it most.

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How to Make a Certificate of Completion?

  • First, click the button "Make Completion Certificate" to get started.
  • Find the "Templates" on the left dashboard and choose the "Certificate" layout. Enter the keyword "certificate of completion" in the search box, and you will see styles of certificate of completion templates.
  • Browse and select one and customize it. You can easily edit the text, color, and other elements in the templates as needed.
  • Finally, download your certificate in jpg, png, or pdf format.
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FAQs about Certificate of Completion

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