AI Fallout Filter

Fight as the Vault dweller, or invade like a raider? And, ready to survive the ghouls!

Upload, and let Fotor’s AI Fallout Filter turn you into the Fallout character.

Turn the female selfie into the Fallout post apocalyptic style character with fotors ai fallout filter
Before and after effect of usig fotors online ai fallout filter

The Easiest Way to Experience AI Fallout Filter

Instantly experience as the Fallout dweller or the raider with just one single click. You don’t have to use the complicated and professional software that requires skills, Fotor offers you the online AI Fallout filter to transform you with the special effects. Just upload, and let our tool do the rest!

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Female selfie applied with ai fallout filter posted on tik tok

Catch the Fallout Style Trend on Social Media

Since the Fallout TV series is going viral, here comes the Fallout filter trend on TikTok. For those who desire to follow the trend, try out Fotor to give your photo a unique retro and post-apocalyptic look to your photos. Do not hesitate to dive into the cruel and thrilling survival game by using our AI Fallout filter!

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Indulge Yourself in the Fallout Vibe

Fallout ArtFallout PosterFallout Avatar
Generate fallout video game fan art from text prompts using fotor

Generate One-of-a-kind Fallout Fan Art with AI

Fotor allows everyone to create the Fallout style art and image by entering the text prompts. With a few seconds, our text-to-image tool will output the fan art as exactly as you describe. You can generate creative ghoul or the Knight Titus images for fun or design projects as you like.

Generate Fallout Art
Make a fallout poster in fotor

Create an Engaging Fallout Poster to Spread the Joy

If you plan to hold a Fallout TV series-watching party or the Fallout game night, don’t forget to make a poster to call out! Fotor also provides a Fallout poster maker to help everyone, including beginners, to quickly and easily craft an inviting poster. Just find a retro video game-style template, and unleash your creativity with our design tools available!

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Use the female selfie with ai fallout filter as the discord avatar

Make a Fallout Style Avatar to Stand Out

For Fallout fans who like streaming online, you can make an eye-catching Fallout avatar to grab the attention of other fans. You can upload and apply our AI Fallout filter to embrace the Fallout-style avatar. Or try our AI avatar generator to get one. Use it as the Discord avatar and win over fans for your channels in no time!

Create Fallout Avatar
Use the ai fallout filter to the female selfie in fotor

How to Use AI Fallout Filter

  • Click the “Try AI Fallout Filter Now” button to switch to our tool.
  • Next, click “From Image” on the left menu bar, and upload or drag and drop your images into our tool.
  • Then, our AI Fallout Filter will automatically transform you into the Fallout character with the help of AI in seconds.
  • Preview and download your AI Fallout-style image to share.
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