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Make Wanted Poster in Minutes

An eye-catching wanted poster is easy to grab people's attention. Fotor's wanted poster maker helps you to make a custom wanted poster with various wanted poster templates in minutes.

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Make Printable Wanted Poster Easily with Fotor's Wanted Poster Maker

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Editable and Customizable Wanted Poster Template

As a professional wanted poster maker, Fotor offers 500+ editable wanted poster templates designed by professional designers. These templates include blank wanted poster, pirate wanted poster, help wanted poster, cowboy wanted poster, cartoon wanted poster, and so on.

Choose one free wanted poster template, customize it with your own photos and text. Then you can get your custom wanted poster.

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Free Wanted Poster Maker

Fotor is a free wanted poster generator. You can use various design tools and switch various options to make funning wanted posters until you are satisfied. Most of Fotor's design features are free to use, allowing you to make a wanted poster that makes fun of people without using money. Stop buying wanted posters, and use Fotor's free poster maker to quickly create a free wanted poster that everyone finds interesting.

Create a Wanted Poster Now
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How to Make a Wanted Poster?

  • Click the "Create a Wanted Poster Now" button on this page to enter the edit page.
  • Browse the center of Fotor's wanted poster templates, or add the keyword "wanted" in the search box. Choose a free and editable wanted poster template.
  • Select the wanted poster font, modify the wanted poster background, edit the text and replace the photo in the template.
  • Click the "Download" button to save the wanted poster design. You can choose the format you want to save.
Create a Wanted Poster Now

Wanted Poster Design FAQs

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What are the precautions for making a wanted poster?

What Our Users Say about Fotor Wanted Posters

I really love Fotor. It has made the design very accessible for me and has allowed me to improve. It also gave me the motivation I need to learn more about design and improve my skills.

Shurland James

Small Business

I love Fotor because it is so easy for me to use. I can add text, fonts, and move them where I need them.


Club Owner is always my go-to software for designing, editing, and collage needs! The templates are all catered to the type of design you are trying to create and the inspiration is endless. It is also incredibly user-friendly!

Amy Desrosiers