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Make your own campaign poster with premade campaign poster templates for free. Fotor's campaign poster maker helps you win the events. No design skills are required.

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Customize Option to Make Your Campaign Poster Unique

The Fotor's campaign poster maker provides custom functions. Allow you to change the background color of your poster and the effect of the font used. Millions of refined photos, illustrations, and small icons are in our resource library. Browse and drag them to help your campaign poster design unique.

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Political campaign posters

Political Campaign Posters

Political campaign posters are suitable for political races, elections, rallies, protests, and occasions to inspire political action. Use our political campaign posters with call-to-action words to attract more people to your activities and follow in your footsteps.

Election campaign poster

Election Campaign Posters

Whether you're trying to run for student council president or a department officer, creating an engaging election campaign poster is important. It can spread your thoughts and ideas and win support for your cause. Make an election campaign poster now with Fotor's campaign poster generator.

Best campaign posters

President Campaign Posters

Presidential campaign posters often feature large portraits of candidates, bold color schemes, and representative campaign slogans. Boost your political career with our presidential campaign posters.

How to make a compaign post

How to Make a Campaign Poster?

  • Click the "Create Your Campaign Poster Now" button to open the Fotor app.
  • Browse the poster templates, or add the keywords "campaign" in the search box. Choose one that fits your event.
  • Click the text in the template to change the text. Replace the images in the template with the uploaded photos to fit your campaign theme. Drag-and-drop the sticker and icon to add to your campaign poster.
  • Click the "Download" button to save, or click the "Share" button to spread to social media.
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