What to Wear for Headshots: Pro Guide 2024

summary: This article will give you detailed headshot advice to solve your doubts about what to wear for a headshot, from clothing choices, color suggestions, and some details that you tend to overlook.

Headshot contrast between right and wrong dressing

What is a headshot? A headshot is a portrait that shows your identity in digital photos. A high-quality headshot is often closely linked to a business headshot for cooperation and customers. When it comes to collaborating, the partner first notices your headshot and what you're wearing in your headshots, especially for LinkedIn headshot. Beyond the basic headshot poses, and headshot styles, what to wear for headshots is also crucial to your coming cooperation.

This article will help you figure out what to wear for headshots. At the same time, we provide you with comprehensive professional headshot dressing suggestions to help you shoot a more standard headshot in all aspects and details.

What to Wear for Headshots?

headshot expressive young man wearing formal suit

Well-Fitting Headshot Cloth

Many people usually choose Inappropriate clothes for headshots. It turns out to be very loose or overtight. This situation will influence your headshot-taking process. Our bodies need to be in a comfortable way. When your clothes are not good, your headshot pose will obviously be unnatural. So, opt for well-fitting shirts and suits that will make your headshot more glamorous and professional.

Show Your Occupations

Choose the right clothes for headshots according to your profession, if you are a real estate salesman, car salesman, or business leader, please be sure to choose a professional suit for headshots outfits. if you're a model, then you might need a casual tank top. Try not to make up and show the photographer your most basic image. If you are in other professions, please consult the relevant headshot shooting standards before choosing the right clothes to shoot.

The Right Cut and The Right Materials

The look and feel of an outfit are especially important. If your clothes are made out of poor material, it will make your photos look untextured and undermine your professionalism. Wrinkled clothes make it hard to convince people of your professionalism. The right cut of the right material can make your image more attractive.

No Glittering Clothes

This kind of clothing distracts from your photo, and people often look at your shiny clothes rather than at you. Headshot photos highlight portraits of people, and if the focus is not on the person but on the clothes, the headshot is actually a failure.

Wear Constructed Shoulders

Wearing shoulder pads will give you a more three-dimensional image for photos. And it makes your body very proper and noble.

cheerful indian businessman smiling closeup headshot jobs career campaign

Multiple Style Sets of Clothes

Bring a few sets of clothes to shoot a variety of styles of headshots so that you can switch your headshots when dealing with different clientele in different industries.

Appropriate Color

You can choose between medium tones and dark colors that people usually use. Generally speaking, a dark suit will make you look more commanding, and it will also show off your figure and make you look thinner. Don't get too fancy, just go for solid colors.

Avoid Patterns and Motifs

The pattern on your clothes will distract from your headshot and will show that your headshot is not professional. Also, headshots with patterned and patterned clothes come out very informal and unauthorized

Avoid Logos

Unless it is your brand or company logo, do not add any logo in your headshots.

studio headshot successful young businesswoman

Simple and Plain Jewelry and Accessories

You can choose to wear simple and delicate jewelry or accessories, but please do not use fancy accessories, which will distract your headshot. Simple jewelry can also reflect your personal taste in aesthetics. Let the jewelry add to your charm.

With Sleeves for The Shoot

If you are wearing a suit then naturally you don't need to consider this topic. But if you're wearing a dress, remember to avoid wide sleeves that make you look fat and opt for fitted sleeves that flatter your own arm line. Don’t wear clothes that have no sleeves.

Normal and Suitable Collar

Don't choose a low-necked dress, as a low neckline can make you feel informal. Don't choose a high neckline either, as very few people can handle high-neck dresses. A high neckline will make a person with a short neck look like he has no neck, which will weaken their own charm.

A man in a normal suit for a headshot

Wear Glasses Without Reflective Coating

The reflective coating will influence the result of the digital headshot photography. This situation is unavoidable because the glasses will reflect light onto the camera lens. So, make sure your glasses are without reflective coating, or don’t wear glasses at all.

Avoid Eyeglass Red Marks on Your Nose

When you wear glasses for a long time, you will leave noticeable marks on the sides of your nose. If you decide to take headshots without glasses, please remember there are red marks on the nose from the glasses. Try to make up to get rid of it.

Additional Headshot Tips for You

Here are some headshot tips available for you about how to take a professional headshot.

  • Tidy Up Clothes

Clean the wool from the clothes in advance, iron the clothes you want to wear, and hang the clothes on the rack. If you want to carry clothes, please fold them and pack them in a bag. Do not let the clothes get wrinkled.

Press pants with an iron
  • Get Your Hair Cut a Week in Advance

Don't wait until the day before the shoot to cut your hair, fresh-cut hair is not the best shot.

  • Prepare Your Clothes in Advance

Prepare the clothes you need in advance to avoid unforeseen situations.

  • The Right Headshot Photographer

The photographer will help you dress appropriately for the best headshot photography. You can search Google “headshot photography near me” to find proper headshot photographer or headshot studio near you.

  • Professional Headshot Background

The headshot background is usually in white color if you are shot indoors. A clean background will stand your portraits out. When you go in the headshot studio to take professional headshots, they will provide you clean and professional place.

  • Find Professional Headshot Examples

Before taking headshots, if you still have no idea what to wear for headshots. Try to search for professional headshot examples. You can imitate what they wear, just pick one style you like. This way will increasingly boost your headshot suit-matching idea.

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This article explains what to wear for headshots, as well as helps you with clothes, accessories, colors, extra pro guidance, and guides you to shoot professional and standard headshots. In addition, you can also choose to use Fotor AI headshot generator to automatically generate your headshot effortlessly. Now give it a try.