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Vignette photo to bring a vintage look to your images with Fotor's free vignette effect instantly!

vignette female, cat and vase photos with Fotor free vignette effect
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Highlight Center with Vignette Effect

Want to catch your viewers' attention to what's important? Try Fotor's free vignette photo effect to highlight the center. Vignetting photo is a good way to protect your viewers from distraction. Simply upload your image to Fotor, and you can add vignette to photo with Fotor's free vignette filter. Making vignette photography is never limited to Fotor!

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Have a Vintage Look with Photo Vignettes

Make vignette photography to take you back to the old times. Fotor's vignette photo editor allows you to fade the edges of your photos, which makes your images "old-photos-like". Just move the vignette effect slider from left to right, and you can have a vintage look with photo vignettes in seconds. Give it a try!

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apply grayscale effect to camera lens vignette photo

Grayscale Your Vignette Photos to Get Magic Effects  

VIgnetting photo is never the end of your creativities. Have a try to grayscale your vignette png to bring a magic effect to your photos. The combination of grayscale and the vignette effect can be a sparkling idea for your creation of mysterious images or haunting Halloween snapshots. Try Fotor's vignette photo editor now!

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landscape and architecture vignette photography

Make Your Landscapes or Architectures Vignette Photography Easily

Usually, it's hard to make scene shoots stand out when there is no central focal point to highlight what's important, but making your landscape or architecture images stunning is super easy with Fotor's vignette effect. Adding vignette to photo can give a central focus and highlight the details. Try to make make your vignette photography with Fotor's free vignette photo editor for free!

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Best Vignette Photo App for IOS and Android

Vignette effect is availiable now on moblie phones. Fotor's vignette photo app allows you to create a vignette picture anywhere and anytime. Just download Fotor's best vignette app and make vignette graphics in a snap now!

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How to Vignette Photo?

  • Click on "Try Photo Vignette Now" button to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop the images that you want to add vignette to in Fotor's vignette photo editor.
  • Click on the Vignette on the left toolbar and slide the slider from left to right to adjust the vignette effect as needs.
  • Download your new vignette photo.
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