AI Clothing Generator

Instantly turn your clothing design ideas into reality with Fotor’s AI clothing generator.Or let our AI sketch tool magically complete the rest of your clothing sketch. AI supported and suitable for all, including beginners!

Generate two dress in fotor ai clothing generator
Generate a red dress for party in fotor ai clothing generator

Visualize Clothing Design Ideas in Our AI Clothing Generator

Since artificial intelligence technology is widely applied, AI fashion is becoming a big hot. Now our advanced AI clothing generator is here to help your clothing & fashion business take off. Our AI design generator is easy for everyone. Just enter prompts for your wanted AI clothing design into our text-to-design tool, wait for a few seconds, you can see the AI generated clothing images.

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Generate clothing design from the sketch in fotor

Speed Up Your Clothing Design Sketch with AI

Amazingly, for outfit designers who have clothing design sketches, Fotor offers you an inbuilt AI sketch tool to complete your design from line drawing to full-color AI clothes design. And you can get different results for you to choose from. Our AI clothing generator speeds up your workflow and always gets unlimited inspirations!

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Let fotor ai change part of clothing for further design

Go Further with Our AI Outfit Generator

Still, you can get infinite AI-generated clothing designs in our AI clothing generator. Drag and drop your own clothing design pictures to our new AI outfit changer, and you can create amazing variations for better sales by entering your requirements. Have a try, and let our AI design generator do the rest for you to boost your fashion clothing business!

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Generate a black dress design in fotor ai clothing generator

How to Use AI Clothing Generator?

  • Click the “Try Free Clothing Generator” button to open Fotor’s AI clothing generator.
  • Choose the “From Text” mode, and then type your text for the wanted AI clothing design as detailed as possible.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and you can see the AI generated clothing design.
  • Preview and download your AI clothing design.
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