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Open eyes in photo online free with Fotor AI. Fix closed eyes and perfect your pictures with Fotor. Make every memory shine!

Fix a girl photo of closed eyes with ai
Convert a closed eye black man to open eyes

Easily Open Eyes in Photo Online Free with AI Magic

Have you ever taken the perfect photo, only to find out that someone blinked? Fortunately, Fotor has come to our rescue. Fotor uses advanced AI Advanced AI technology to open closed eyes naturally, all with just a few clicks. Gone are the days when you had to discard an otherwise perfect picture due to closed eyes. With our online AI photo editor, you can effortlessly make those closed eyes look wide awake and natural. Never worry about blinked shots again!

Open Closed Eyes Now
Open eyes in photo online with fotor of a two people selfie portrait

Make Every Group Shot or Selfie Perfect

Never let a blink ruin the perfect shot. Group photos and selfies are common scenarios where closed eyes can spoil an otherwise memorable moment. Now, with Fotor, every group shot and selfie can be perfect, preserving the happiness of the moment without any distractions. Get twinkling eyes in every photo! Our quick, online tool opens closed eyes without any hassle.

Open Closed Eyes Now
Change eye color and remove red eye and one tap enhance in fotor

More Than Just Fix Closed Eyes

Fotor is not limited to fixing closed eyes. It offers additional features to enhance your photos and make them even more appealing. Try to use the eye color changer to switch the eye color and play around online. Red eyes correction is also available in Fotor. Easily remove red eyes with a single click! What’s more, you can also use our photo retouching tool to make your pictures perfect. Discover an elevated photo editing experience with Fotor now!

Open Closed Eyes Now
Open eyes in photo in fotor

How to Open Eyes in Photo Online Free

  • Click the button "Open Closed Eyes Now" and upload your photo.
  • Use the brush to paint over the closed eyes in your photo, and you can slide the slider to adjust the brush intensity as needed. And enter the prompts such as "open eyes" in the text box.
  • Click the “Generate” button, an AI will take the rest.
  • Now, you closed eyes are fixed and click the Download button at the top right of the canvas to download your photo.
Open Closed Eyes Now