30 Unique Cover Photos for Facebook (Examples + Ideas)

Summary: In this blog, we'll show 30 unique cover photos for Facebook from famous business accounts. And we'll give you some ideas and tips for stunning cover photos design.

facebook cover photo examples and ideas

Facebook cover is where you can tell your brand story and display your products and service. A unique and impressive Facebook cover photo that aligns with your brand voice and maximizes visual appeals can easily stand out.

But how to design such cover photos to catch people's eyes? You need this guide! In this article, we have compiled 30 unique cover photos for Facebook screenshooted from well-known business accounts. Hope you can get inspired with these examples and templates we offered. Let's dive in now!

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What Is a Facebook Cover Photo?

A cover photo is a large banner graphic at the top of your Facebook profile, above your profile picture. Same as the profile picture, FB cover photos are public, which means everyone entering your account can view them.

Facebook cover photo is where you can show your brand personality and convey your intended messages. Beyond its aesthetic level, it provides a great opportunity to attract more potential customers by leaving a good first impression with compelling graphics and unique designs.

Further, you can place important information on your FB banner, such as the promotion activities, upcoming campaigns, or anything crucial.

Why Does Facebook Cover Photos Matter?

Your Facebook cover photo is important because of the following reasons:

1. First Impression

FB cover is the first thing people see when they click on your profile. A visually appealing yet engaging Facebook cover helps to grab more attention.

2. Convey Brand Voice

An effective FB cover successes in transmitting the beliefs, concepts, and goals of a brand. It establishes your brand's imaginary through an eye-catching logo, powerful slogan, or other impressive designs.

3. Products Marketing

Facebook cover is an excellent area where you can advertise your products. Whether you're in the industry of beauty, food, toy, or car, simply display your top-selling or new products in the banner. And if it's a big promotion day such as Black Friday, you can add some call-to-actions like "Buy 1 get 1" and "Buy xx for xx free" to attract more customers.

4. Inspire Further Exploration

A great cover photo can arouse viewers' curiosity and lead them into further search. It can improve the engagement and positivity of your audience.

5. Show Your Uniqueness

Unique beautiful cover photos for Facebook can make you stand out from the fellows. It tells your audience that you're different from others and on which aspect you're superior than others.

What Is the Size of Facebook Cover Photo?

The standard size of Facebook cover photos and videos is 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall. But notice: this size is only suitable for desktop users. For mobile users, the best size is 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall. So remember to take into consideration that your Facebbook cover photo size will vary from different devices used by the target viewers.

Facebook cover photo size

20 Unique Facebook Cover Photo Examples to Inspire You

After knowing what is facebook cover and why it matters, now let's see an array of facebook cover photos from prominent business accounts. Think about what a great FB cover should include and prioritize.

1. Coca Cola - Lively Daily Scene

coca cola facebook cover

Coca cola stands as the forefront leader in the drink industry of USA. You can get creative with their Facebook cover photo. It encapsulates a vibrant snapshot of our daily lives, where families gather around, savoring moments over drinks and meals. This lively scene mirrors the joyful atmosphere the iconic red of Coca Cola evokes.

2. Nike - Minimalist Color & Powerful Slogan

nike facebook cover

If you prefer a simple design, look here! The FB cover photo of Nike employs the classic black color as the background. And the black backdrop makes the white bold slogan stand out. "Just Do It", short yet powerful, is the belief Nike has always upheld.

3. Samsung- Display Products

samsung facebook cover

Facebook cover is the best area where you can advertise your products. Look at Samsung, they simply display their new products on FB cover. So if you're also a company selling electronic devices, or other products like snacks, drinks, beauty makeup, etc, just directly showcase your products.

4. National Geographic - Captivating Visuals

national geographic facebook cover

Want to incorporate something creative into your cover design? Look here. National Geographic includes planet and aurora in their FB cover. The 3D planet model leads viewers to explore the vast universe, and the compelling aurora reminds us of the mystery of astronomy.

5. Zara - Make Eye Contact

zara facebook cover

A greate FB cover photo should put the viewers in the first place. In the cover photo of Zara, they place a model poster in the center. An elegant lady leans on the table with her eyes looking directly at the camera. Her eyesight is agreessive but attractive, leaving a deep impression to others.

6. Walmart - Flexible Color Palette

walmart facebook cover

Your cover photo should not be restricted within a single color. See Walmart, it places its logo graphics in the right upper side, and uses three colors to complement the overall design. These four colors are harmonious in visual and perfectly match each other.

7. Red Bull - Create a Use Case

red bull facebook cover

Red bull is a brand of energy drinks. They showcase a photo of outdoor adventure on their FB cover. The intention is apparent - You need a drink for reinvigoration from exhausting sports. Similarly, you can create a use case in your cover photo.

8. Spotify- Quirky Graphics

spotify facebook cover

Spotify, the renowned music streaming platform, injects a playful touch into their Facebook cover design with quirky graphics. Instead of using conventional imagery, they opt for abstract shapes and vibrant colors that dance across the banner, reflecting the dynamic and diverse nature of their music library. This creative approach not only captures attention but also echoes Spotify’s brand identity as a fun, innovative service.

9. McDonald's - Funny Lyrics

mc donald facebook cover

The catchy phrase 'Ba da ba da ba,' extracted from the song 'Ba-da-ba,' infuses McDonald's with a lively spirit through its upbeat melody. The arched half 'M' symbol, just looks like a dancing leprechaun, further animating this joyful ambiance.

10. Apple- Various Icon Combinations

apple facebook cover

Apple, known for its sleek and minimalist design philosophy, presents a Facebook cover that showcases elegance through simplicity. Rather than cluttering the space, they ingeniously arrange a collage of their iconic product icons. This array of icons with vibrant colors and entwined lines efforlessly catch viewer's eyes.

11. Disney - Landmarks

disney facebook cover

When it comes to Disney, what first hits your mind? The princess, cute animation figures, or its wonderful castles? Its castles absolutely! Look at the Facebook cover photo of Disney, they simply display a castle photo surrounded by a circle of fireworks. So if your company has certain landmarks, just place an architecture photo on the cover.

12. Microsoft- Infuse Vibrancy

microsoft facebook cover

Just as the mission of Microsoft: to create a brighter world in the future and today with technology. Its cover photo put much focus on nature. It centers four vibrantly hued plants – red, green, blue, and yellow – with a backdrop of lush green foliage, emphasizing the harmony between technology and the environment. So if you are an environment protection organization or personnel, you can use green plants photo as facebook cover.

13. Colossal - Integrate Abstract Artistry

clossal facebook cover

Colossal, a platform renowned for featuring eclectic art and design, embraces abstract creativity in their Facebook cover photo. Instead of a straightforward product display or brand-centric imagery, they opt for an abstract composition that stimulates curiosity and imagination. This strategy not only aligns with their brand identity but also invites viewers to explore the depths of artistic expression Colossal represents.

14. Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary: Make a Collage

old friends senior dog sanctuary facebook cover

Rather than a single image, Old Friends Senior Dog Santuary employs a heartwarming collage of smiling dogs and cute dog supplies. Each dog’s happy face tells a story of rescue, rehabilitation, and the sanctuary's commitment to improving their lives. So whatever your account is about, just showcase your service or achievements on the cover photo.

15. Atlas Obscura - Arouse Curiosity

atlas obscura facebook cover

Atlas Obscura, a platform dedicated to uncovering the world's hidden wonders, crafts its Facebook cover photo as a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of curious and lesser-known destinations. Instead of a conventional image, they compile a series of eclectic visuals into a collage that mirrors the exploratory essence of their brand.

16. Shell - As the Name Suggests

shell facebook cover

Just as its name suggests, Shell employs the shell graphic as its Facebook cover photo. So if your company's name includes food, drink,or anything physical, just use the corresponding objects as your cover. It can save time and show your whimsy as well.

17. PetSmart - Sweet Snapshots

petsmart facebook cover

Less is more. Sometimes there is no need to rack your brains to come up with a stunning logo or slogan, a single image can let all your hassels go away. Let's look at the facebook cover of PetSmart, they use a sweet snapshot with pet. A couple is holding and kissing the centered puppy. This convey PetSmart's brand concept: that is to love and care pets.

18. Instagram - Gradient

instagram facebook cover

Gradinets are one of the most popular color palettes favored by most people. As a popular social media platform, Instagram's cover photo on Facebook uses its brand color scheme in the gradient form. This banner is minimalist and displays the primary colors of Instagram only. Finally enhnaces their brand identity once again.

19. The Good Twin - Play Around Symbols

the good twin facebook cover

The Good Twin does a great job of leaving something a little bit for imagination. It uses symbols associated with the brand - feathers, arrows, stars, gemstones and other natural symbols to showcase its brand values and lifestyle, not to mention its focus on simplicity and style concerns.

20. Kapke & Co. - Rough V.S. Smooth

kapke co facebook cover

As Kapke & Co. Events did here, try pairing sharp and smooth shapes and fonts with rougher and more organic ones. Hand-drawn patterns and handwritten fonts on simple blocks of colour are paired with flat serif fonts to create the perfect blend of rough and smooth elements.

10 Facebook Cover Photos Ideas

Above are 20 facebook cover photos examples we extracted from famous business accounts. But if yo want to explore something more unique and creative, here we list 9 Facebook cover photos ideas offered by Fotor.

1. Show Details

Look at this template, it's designed for beauty lovers community. So in this cover, it utilizes the close shot of eyes, focusing on the eye makeup. Thus, if you want to share some tips or tutorials on your facebook account, you can include related content on your cover photo to inform others.

Brown Dot Beauty Lover's Community Facebook Cover Template

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2. Call to Action

Facebook cover is the best area where you can advertise your products. So if recently there are promotional activities within your brand, just write it clearly on your Facebook cover. The slogan "Buy xx get xx" can easily attract more customers for purchasing.

Pink Homeware Sale Banner Facebook Cover Template

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3. Festival Promotion

Every year when we meet Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day, or Valentine's Day, there are many brands upholding promotion affairs. It's best to incorporate your brand's promotion plan into your Facebook cover photo with festival related stickers.

Special Halloween Treat Sale Facebook Cover Template

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4. Speak It Out

Look at this template, it uses the same text to cover the whole cover photo. So if you want to emphasize certain text information, just copy and paste it again and again till the whole background photo is covered.

Astronomy Facebook Cover Template

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5. Go to the Depth

Just as the text indicates, the stretched roads covered by snow lead you to explore further. It creates a sense of depth and add mysterious flair to the scene ahead.

City Night Facebook Cover Template

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6. A Set of Motions

If your Facebook channel is about fitness tutorial, get inspired from this template. It shows a set of motions to teach you how to do yoga exercise. Although this is a static image, these yoga motions make this image dynamic and vivid.

Yoga Exercise Facebook Cover Template

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7. Black & White

When it comes to unique cover photos for Facebook, how could it be without the classic black and white design? Look at this template, white capital text is written on the black poster. This two color combinations are perfect and eternally trendy.

Accessories Store Facebook Cover Template

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8. Introduce Yourself

If you're a financial advisor, a lawyer, or a tutor, you can clearly write down your identity in Facebook cover. This should include your name, profession, and title. This can help your target customers find your contact information more precisely.

Lawyer Profile Banner Facebook Cover Template

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9. Tools of Trade

Showcasing the common objects used in your daily work is a good way to convey the information of what you or your company is about. For instance, if you are a photographer, you can use a camera as your Facebook banner photo. If you are a writer, you can display a typewriter, writing pad, or laptop, or you can showcase the specialty dishes if you are a cook. This can show you are passionate about your career and take your job seriously.

Painting Tutorials Facebook Cover Template

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10. Show Your Team

Whatever your career is about, remember that you're not alone. You can showcase your team member on your Facebook cover photo to show that you're working jointly and striving for the same objective.

Career Training Facebook Cover Template

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Bonus Tips for Great Facebook Cover Photos

Creating a captivating Facebook cover photo requires careful consideration and creativity. Here are some practices for creating the best Facebook cover photo that stands out and effectively represents your brand or personal profile:

1. Define Your Message

Start by identifying the core message you want to convey through your cover photo. Whether it's showcasing your brand's personality, promoting a new product, or highlighting an upcoming event, clarity of message is crucial.

2. Maintain Brand Consistency

Ensure your cover photo adheres to your brand's visual identity. Use brand colors, fonts, and imagery consistently to reinforce brand recognition.

3. Optimize for Different Devices

Design with both desktop and mobile viewers in mind. Test how your cover photo appears on various screen sizes to ensure important elements aren't cut off or obscured.

4. Use High-Quality Images

Blurry or pixelated images can harm your professional image. Use high-resolution photos or graphics that are crisp and clear on all devices.

5. Incorporate Design Elements Strategically

Balance text, graphics, and images thoughtfully. Too much text can overwhelm, while too little might not convey enough information. Use design principles like contrast, alignment, and hierarchy to guide the viewer's eye.

6. Stay Current

Update your cover photo periodically to reflect seasonal changes, special events, or new product launches. Freshness keeps your profile engaging.

7. Engage with User Interaction

Consider using polls, questions, or contests related to your cover photo. This encourages interaction and can boost engagement on your page.

8. Figure Out the Right Size

Knowing the right social media image sizes is essential for a stunning and successful cover photo design. Ensure your design adheres strictly to Facebook's recommended dimensions. Proper sizing guarantees that your cover photo appears neither stretched nor cropped, maintaining its visual integrity across platforms.

How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo?

If you're contemplating creating a Facebook cover photo but lack design expertise or formal training, fear not – we've got you covered! Fotor is a user-friendly solution for designing Facebook cover photos, eliminating the need for extensive design skills or artistic background.

Facebook covers

Fotor’s Facebook cover photo maker online offers you a variety of free Facebook cover photo templates, fonts, and everything else that you will need to make professional-grade FB cover photos.

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Our platform offers an extensive library of over 600 complimentary, high-quality templates, each meticulously crafted with the ideal structure, precise dimensions, and visually compelling elements to ensure your cover stands out.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a Facebook cover photo on Fotor:

  1. Head to Fotor and locate "Graphic designer" to click to enter our design interface.
  2. Find "Templates" in the left tools menu and type "Facebook Cover".
  3. Select from hundreds of pre-designed Facebook cover templates or upload personal photos to start from scratch.
  4. Or you can also upload your photos, drag and drop the photo into canvas, design your own from scratch.
  5. Customize with text, fonts, stickers, patterns, backgrounds, and manage overlays for optimal visual appeal.
  6. Once satisfied, save your cover in the desired format and size, and easily share it on social media.
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Final Words

When people visit your Facebook page, the cover picture is the first thing they notice, and it's a great chance for you to make a good impression for your business.

We hope these 30 examples of unique cover photos for Facebook got your creative juices flowing. They should help you figure out what to put in your cover photo and how to match it with what your business wants to achieve.