5 Best Photo Management Software in 2024: An Essential Guide

Summary: In this article, we will discuss photo management and share the best photo management software for you to help you better manage your images and albums, including Fotor, Google Photos and more.

five logos of different photo management software

Higher-quality camera phones and the growing popularity of social media mean that in 2024, everyone is taking more photos than ever before. And the increasing number of photos will make it difficult to locate them.

Have you ever been troubled by the huge number of digital photos on your computer or phone, but don't know how to quickly and accurately retrieve the one you want? That's where the best photo organizing software comes in. The best photo management software can help you to store, find and even edit your photos to streamline your workflow and get your images in order!

In this article, we will talk about the photo organization and recommend the best photo management software. Come and check it out.

Why Need to Use Photo Management Software

Photo management software can help you organize, view, edit and share your digital photos. Whether you want to keep your photos on your hard drive or have them online, you can do so with these tools.

You are allowed to search for specific keywords or dates in order to find specific images. And organize your photos into different folders based on the date they were taken or other criteria, such as subject or event type.

Some programs also allow you to create albums containing all your photos from a particular event or vacation, so that they can be viewed at the same time without having to search each individual photo folder separately.

In addition to this, there are powerful photo-organizing tools that have a facial recognition feature, which classifies pictures based on the recognition of faces.

And there are plenty of benefits of using photo management software. Obviously, they can save and manage your image and easily locate these photos. Some of these tools integrate gallery and photo editing tools. Then you can export, resize, or edit your photos in the library. In addition, you are allowed to share photos quickly with direct links.

Best Photo Organizing Software

With the right photo management software, you can easily organize, edit, and share your digital photos with ease. Next, we will list the best photo-organizing tools. Choose the one that suits you best and start efficient photo management.

Fotor: Best Photo Management and Editing Tool for Everyone

create a folder in project of Fotor

Fotor is not a “traditional” photo organizing software. What makes it different from other software is that it is an all-in-one photo management and image editing solution. This means that you can not only manage your pictures systematically in Fotor, but also edit them at the same time, if you want.

There is a cloud storage function in Fotor. You can upload your images directly to the cloud drive and create a new folder. After creating it, rename it. You are also allowed to manage folders in batches, such as batch download, batch delete or move them to other folders.

In addition, you can also select different image formats, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG to filter and find the desired image.

Fotor editing tools


Powerful AI-driven editing tools like image cropper, background remover, AI enlarger, object remover, one-tab skin retouch, etc.

Millions of HD stock photos for personal and commercial use.

Start with Editing

Fotor is also packed with incredible photo editing tools. There is a powerful and accuratebackground remover, which can remove background from your image just one click. What’s more, you are also allowed to crop, resize, or unblur image. And Fotor also supports bulk photo editing. All processed photos are stored in "My Project". Likewise, you can create new folders and sort them.


1. Advanced image-editing options

2. Wide image format support

3. Simple interface

4. Support one-click photo sharing to social media

5. Comes with some free Cloud storage


Limited functions of free version


1. Free to use

2. Fotor Pro: $8.99/month

3. Fotor Pro+: $19.99/month

Google Photos: Best for Photo Storage

landing page of Google Photos

Google Photos is a cloud-based storage platform that allows you to store your photos and videos, as well as create albums. It would also sync your photos with the logged-in Google account. Therefore, images can be viewed on any device, whether using the app or online.

It will also automatically tag and categorize your photos to make it easier to find them later. At first it will provide 15GB of storage space for free. But if you want more space for more photos, there’s an option to pay $100 per year for additional storage.


1. Automatic Categorization

2. Easy sharing

3. Photos are available on any device


1. Only basic photo editing tools

2. Limited free storage space


1. Free: 15GB

2. Google One: $1.99/month for 100GB

Adobe Lightroom: Best Photo organizer

landing page of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is also a cloud-based photo management software, which allows you to organize, edit, share and store all your photos across different devices. Initially, you will get 1TB of cloud storage for free, which is enough for small businesses and individuals. After that, you can upgrade the plan as needed.

Lightroom has two versions: Lightroom CC (Cloud) and Lightroom Classic CC (Classic). The former is best for photographers who want to use their photos online or share them on social media like Facebook or Instagram.

The latter allows you to export your images as high-quality JPEGs so you can print them on paper when needed.


1. Powerful AI tools

2. Syncs photos and edits across devices automatically

3. Same editing features on mobile, tablet, and PC


1. Monthly fee

2. Paid cloud storage can be expensive


1. Photography plan (20GB): $9.99/month

2. Lightroom CC plan (1TB): $9.99/month

3. Photography plan (1TB): $19.99/month

Adobe Bridge: Best Enthusiast to Professional Photographers

landing page of Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is the best photo organizer software for working across Adobe apps. It is similar to Lightroom, but without the additional complex editing tools.

Adobe Bridge is available as a resource management platform for the Adobe Creative Cloud package, but it is free to use. Bridge photo library manager enables you to categorize photos and organize folders with images using effective tagging, batch photo processing and metadata tools.


1. Automatic cache management

2. A wide range of formats

3. Batch Processing

4. Integration with other Adobe products


1. Basic collections

2. Cloud storage is not free


1. Individuals: $20.99/month

2. Teams: $33.99/month

Apple Photos: Best Image Organizer for Apple Users

landing page of Apple Photos

Apple Photos is the best Apple-based photo organizer. It's wonderfully integrated with a variety of Apple devices and services, which allows you to access your archives on different platforms. It's also a great tool if you want to take and tag images on different devices and upload them to the same central database.

It's exclusive to Apple devices, and if you run out of your free iCloud storage, you can pay a little morel to upgrade. You can get hundreds of gigabytes of space for just a few dollars a month, so it doesn't cost much. Still, whether you pay extra or just enjoy the free version, the file tagging and editing options on both Mac and iOS devices are excellent.


1. Synchronizes your photos through iCloud

2. Intelligent AI-powered search options

3. Free to use with compatible devices


Apple devices only


Completely free


In this post, we have discussed the photo management and recommend 5 best photo management software for you to select from. Photo organizing tools can help us manage our images better. Choose one of them and organize photos efficiently.