How to Resize an Image on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guides

Summary: This is a post sharing step-by-step tutorials to resize images on iPhone and iPad with the Photos App and a third-party app.

resize a female image on iphone

Is it annoying that your image size doesn’t fit properly on your devices and screens? No worries, adjusting picture sizes is a piece of cake! Whether you want to resize the image or change image sizes in batches, you will get all covered here.

In this blog, we will share step-by-step guides on how to resize an image on iPhone and iPad with the in-built Photos App. Still, you will see the third-party photo resizer app available for iOS 16 that helps you to resize pictures easily. Let’s dive in!

How to Resize an Image on iPhone with Photos App

iPhone allows you to change image size with its in-built Photo apps, you can follow our tutorials below to solve your problems on how to resize a photo on iPhone.

  1. Open the Photos App, and scroll your screens to find the image you want to adjust image size.
  2. Tap the image and find the “Edit” icon on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap it and select the third crop and rotate image icon on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Find the third gray rectangular icon on the top of the screen and tap it.
  5. You will see lots of options to resize images. You can customize the image size as you want, make square images, resize image wallpaper size, and other photo sizes.
  6. Choose one image size ratio you want, and apply it to your images.
  7. After you have resized images, tap “Done” to save your images to your iPhone.

How to Resize Photos with Third-Party App

Fotor image cropper app

Fotor allows you to resize images with its powerful image resizer app for iOS.

Use Fotor image resizer to adjust image sizes without losing quality!

Resize Image Now

If you are not satisfied with the image resizing effects with iPhone Photos app, you can try some professional photo resizer apps to help you change image size easily and professionally. Here you can try Fotor’s free resize image app to help you resize photos with ease.

Fotor, a professional and popular photo editing brand, offers you easy access to adjust images easily with its photo resizer app for iOS. Whether you are using iPhone or iPad to resize pictures in Fotor app, you will always get the best photo resizing and cropping experience and effects. You can check out the detailed tutorials on how to change photo size with Fotor app.

resize a female portrait using fotor image resizer app
  1. Download the Fotor image resizer app and log in.
  2. Tap the “Edit” icon and choose the image you want to adjust image size in Fotor.
  3. Scroll your screen to right until you find our “Resize” icon, where you can change picture size easily.
  4. Enter the aspect ratio that you want for your image size, including both width and height. You can customize the aspect ratio or just lock it as needed.
  5. Tap “✔” to save your resized images to your iPhone photo album.

More than that, Fotor also allows you to resize multiple images on iPhone and iPad to save time and speed up workflow when you have to resize a pile of images at one time. Let’s see how to resize photos in bulk with Fotor below:

batch resize three images in fotor
  1. Open Fotor’s batch resize image page on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select all your images that you want to change image sizes, and tap the “Resize” icon.
  3. Enter the image size you want to resize or choose the template size in the ratio. These templates size provides the common size used in different usages.
  4. When you choose our template size, you can adjust the border size and color of your images in adapt mode.
  5. If you are satisfied with your resized pictures, click the "Download" button to save them.


In this blog, we have shared how to resize an image on iPhone and iPad. You can use iPhone’s in-built Photos app to adjust images sizes as you want. Still, you can have the image resizer app for iOS to help you change image size to fits your page or screen properly. Also, you can use the batch resize image tool to adjust multiple image size at one time to save time and speed up workflow easily. Hope you find this blog helpful!